Pasta on paper by Ham&Pea!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
2nd of June 2011
'Spell it with Pasta' - a new range of giftcards by Melbourne company Ham & Pea

Who doesn't love pasta?  And who doesn't love stationery?  Two of the best inventions of the modern world, I say.  I couldn't live without either.  But what kind of creative GENIUS would even think of combining these two seemingly random elements into ONE amazing product range?!  Ham&Pea, that's who!

'Spell it with pasta' is Ham&Pea's very first giftcard collection, released just a month ago.  Bonkers brilliant.  The collection features 6 cards, designed using a combination of hand drawn and digital artwork by Melbourne designer Li-Ann Scott.   All the greetings are spelled out in different pasta shapes, and they are fancily embossed so the pasta feels a bit 3D and pops off the page!  Mmmmmmm.  3D Pasta.

Li-Ann put her architecture career on hold when her twin boys Hamish and Luca (the real Ham&Pea) arrived about a year ago.  Having always loved paper, art and design, she seized the opportunity to set up her own little design business from home.  The pasta idea came about one day when she had just about had enough of hearing the 'spaghetti' song her twins love from the ABC for kids CD!  This is Li-Ann's first collection, but she's already busy working on collection #2 and #3 - including a few more food-inspired designs!

Ham&Pea have some other great designs in the works, including printable kid's party decor - CHECK OUT THE AMAAZING Yum-Cha themed designs she created for her twins' first birthday! INCREDIBLE pics here and here.  How does Li-Ann do all this whilst wrangling twin boys?  Now that's talent.

Ham&Pea have a dedicated online store coming very very soon!  IN THE MEANTIME you can purchase these cards online here.  She has a couple of stockists in NSW but none in Melbourne yet... Melbourne retailers - pounce now!

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