Visiting Colombia with Marcela Restrepo - Souvenirs

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
27th of May 2011

After an incredible week of touring through Colombia, we must say adiós and gracias to the lovely Marcela Restrepo. Be sure to visit Marcela's blog and if you wanted to take home a souvenir from this week's Guest Blog, check out Marcela's online store too. Thanks again Marcela!! Have a great weekend everyone! - Jenny x

Over the past week I have shown you how beautiful and magical Colombia is, but it doesn’t mean I don’t find Australia as beautiful. I love the Aussie landscapes, people and lifestyle. I am very happy here too and having a great time. The only thing that I really miss are family, I wish they could be here with me.

But having said that, I do have very special friends like Kate Banazi who help me feel at home.

During our trip, we didn’t have time to visit all the places we wanted to go but we did buy some souvenirs and gifts!

Wooden statues and tray with Barranquilla Carnaval motifs.

Okay, okay, I didn’t bring any emeralds but I really wanted to draw some to mention their quality.

Canaflecha items handcrafted by the Zenu indigenous cultures, included the traditional ‘Sombrero Vueltiao

Sombrero Panama’ which are actually made in Ecuador, not Panama.

Traditional pottery from El Carmen de Viboral

Wool rug from the high mountains

Bags, each from different indigenous cultures. Love the blue one handcrafted by the wayuu culture. They also make the most beautiful hammocks!

Horn spoons, and coconut & macana wood spoons.

You can find latinamerican art and crafts in Syney at The Latin Shop and Caramba in Newtown.

We brought a bottle of a special edition of Aguardiente, the traditional liquor from Medellín, made from sugar cane with a touch of anise. I am not a fan of anise but some shots of Aguardiente would warm anyone up on this crappy weather we are getting in Sydney these days!

That bottle I would enjoy drawing.

Brought some of this for Kate. It’s the best quality for making hot chocolate or those delicious brownies she bakes.

Good traditional recipes in English!

So I guess that is all from the other side of the world. The Toucans hope you come to visit.

I had good fun showing a bit of where I come from and what I am so passionate about. Thanks everyone for your patience and your lovely comments. Also thanks to the silent readers, I hope there are some!

I also want to thank again to Lucy and Jenny for the opportunity, it was a great honour for me.

I leave you with some shots of rainy Bogotá. Detail of one of Rogelio Salmona’s buildings, Master of the red brick architecture in Colombia.

Also, in the bottom, a piece from the Museo del Oro/Gold Museum. Representative of the Dorado Leyend.

- Marcela

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