A Double Feature with Scott Weston - Nose to the Grindstone

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
4th of May 2011

One of the things I admire the most about Scott Weston's work is his incredible joinery. The attention to detail with the design and the choices in Laminex but most of all that they are really fun! Opening a white kitchen cabinet to see a lilac interior would make you smile every single day! Today Scott focuses in on the nitty gritty details of the Point Piper Apartment renovation- which has excellent joinery of course! - Jenny x

Point Piper Apartment

The living room is stripped but we will retain the cornice and install LED strip lighting to wash the ceiling. Being a Strata Apartment we are laying a new floor over the existing and having a solid timber perimeter edge with carpet inset.

The balcony is removed and my carpenter is busily building a new structural frame so the sunroom and balcony seamlessly flow.

Opening up the dining through to the sunroom to capitalise on the harbour views. Very sad to see the kitchen crumble however, like the phoenix a new chic black and white kitchen with lilac interior, black and white tiles and linoleum floor will rise in about a month. Both bathroom and ensuite have been stripped and waiting in the wings are my tilers who will mitre cut every single corner tile.

We scoured the internet, I traveled to Melbourne to see if Geoffrey Hatty had an Art Deco dining table and alas nothing materialised. Gregory and I really enjoy designing tables so asked the Client could we do a modern take on Deco in timber and inset with a 3mm brass strip. We build a model and then take it to our joiner/carpenter to cost and determine how it can be built as our access is limited.

Tilers tiling and Gregory testing out a built in table

Our perfectionist tilers move in and within 2 days have completed tiling to both wet areas. Tile grout colour matched to the dominant tile and we start to see take shape bathrooms that could be or could not be old Art Deco bathrooms... the boundaries are beginning to become blurred. Gregory tests the kitchen dining table for the Client's son and it folds away ever so easily.

Some of the wonderful joinery designed by SWAD

Full height built-in bespoke joinery throughout and every drawer and cupboard has been specifically designed and detailed to house specific Client items. The lilac kitchen interior is known only to the Client, while the divider drawers are for the bedroom credenza to house personal items. The library unit has a concealed library with upholstered pin-board and the child's bedroom has the all important trundle bed for sleepovers.

Our projects are all about DETAILS!

What did Diana Vreeland once say... pink is the navy black of India so I wonder whether the Rozelle house will have a pink bathroom?  Surely not!

- Scott

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