David Bromley - Bromley Arcade and Datsun Tran

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
7th of April 2011

Ever since Lucy visited Bromley Arcade last year, I had been keen to check it out. I finally made it about a month ago and it is every bit as amazing as it seems-  a  bright, long space filled with incredible objects, furniture and art. It feels like you've come home. - Jenny x

Bromley Arcade

Like most things in my life, situations, projects and art happen on the run and organically.  A meal with Mark Tuckey at Fratteli Fresh in Danks Street, Waterloo brought about discussion as to the great energy in that precinct, one thing led to another and we decided to take a space for a while to open as Bromley Arcade.

Super duo David Bromley and Mark Tuckey
We had / have no long term plans, but wanted to play there for a while, and already we are talking of moving it to the northern beaches... but before we go we thought it’d be fun to have a showing of some of my new pieces; the quilts, the new banners some jewellery prototypes, skateboards and surfboards will make an appearance.

Mark and Louella Tuckey have a similar energy to me that ends up in projects driven by the desire to see a thought process through to real outcomes, so we sort of shouldn’t get together too often or we’ll end up in all sorts of trouble. They are opening a new homeware store in Avalon next week.

Paintings by Datsun Tran

Bromley Arcade will showcase my new photographic work and throws and also host Datsun Tran in an exhibition of his work. Datsun first came to work for me years ago, animating my series of films titled I could be me.  He came to Adelaide from Melbourne with nothing and he wouldn’t accept any help, seriously none. He had no money and I had some spare furniture yet he wouldn’t lend a thing, sleeping on an air mattress, didn’t know a person. Quietly determined, give him a few months he’s got furniture (worked out payment plans), friends, girlfriend. A rare fella, talented, loyal, lots of bright shining ideas.

Datsun Tran installs an exhibition

I am not quite sure what to say or how to portray Datsun and the main reason for this is he carries himself with such gentle humility and he’s such a self contained, self reliant individual - no artistic pretensions, actually no pretentions full stop. But watch out, underneath beats the heart of a lion, man he can work, commit, challenge and educate himself. Underneath that mild exterior beats the drum and really has its own rhythm.

- David

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