Another Time Another Place with David Bromley

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
4th of April 2011

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome David Bromley to the Guest Blog this week! In the lead up to this Friday's launch of the new collaboration between David Bromley and Capocchi, David will be giving us an exclusive look at his new range as well as sharing the inspiration behind it. - Jenny x

New photographs by David Bromley - this series is entitled 'Another Time Another Place'.
All photographs by David Bromley
Bromley's photographs on show at his studio space in Prahran (and his kids!)

I cannot remember not taking photographs. I’ve always carried a camera and used to get quite bent out of shape if I was somewhere without one and I’d come across something interesting. I used to love photographing surfers and landscapes and I then got into a bit of fashion stuff , music video and film stills. I then made my own music clips and a series of short films for SBS. In recent years most of my work has been for studies to paint from, but I have trouble when shooting to think not just about a photograph to paint from, but that one that could stand alone.

Time or lack of it though prevented me from putting together a body of photographic work until recently, when I hung some large photographic banners of my work and a few buddies whose opinion I really respect pushed me to exhibit/showcase my photographic work. Being a stubborn person I rarely listen but they were very persistent and thus Another Time Another Place was born.

- David

All photographs by David Bromley
Photograph by David Bromley

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