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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
9th of March 2011

The loungeroom of Melbourne designer Lara Cameron! Circular hanging shelf by local maker Bride & Wolfe.

Sweet artwork collection in the loungeroom. Artwork top left – Jeremiah Ketner, circle painting top left by Harvest, Small painting on bottom left by Tsk Tsk, Row of houses – Wendy June.

Bedroom as seen from the loungeroom – can’t get enough of that ‘Birch’ print on the wall, artwork and lampshades!

HELLO and welcome to another teeny tiny picture perfect Melbourne Home!  HOW cute is it?!  If you’re a clued-in Melbourne craft lover, I am SURE you’ll be able to guess which local creative lady lives here….  it’s the very lovely Lara Cameron of course!  Lara is one half of super talented textile design duo Ink & Spindle (the other half of course being the equally gorgeous Tegan Rose).  Between them this pair design and print the most delectable range of screenprinted textiles, many of which you see here, gracing every surface of Lara’s Flemington apartment!  YEP that’s Ink & Spindle you can see on the blinds, lampshade, quilt, bedside lamp, wall stickers, artwork, cushions and footstool…!  I have never seen such effective use of multiple textile layering –  Lara really knows how to work print and pattern!

It’s amazing how all Lara’s decorative details work together without overpowering this tiny space.  One thing I think really makes this styling so effective is the limited colour palette Lara has chosen to work with.  No prizes for guessing that Lara’s favourite colour is green!  (She says she was most excited to move into an apartment with a peppermint green kitchen!)

It’ll be no surprise to learn that Lara currently lives her all by herself… so she hasn’t had to compromise on anything – yet!  Hopefully when she finally shacks up with her lovely fella,  he’ll be happy to leave Lara in charge of the interior styling.  Because you know, it would be such a shame to mix up that perfect colour palette, now wouldn’t it?

Huge thanks to Lara for sharing her beautiful home with us all!  If you love Lara’s little pad, you’ll definitely love Ink & Spindle – do pop over and have a little look at their website and online shop!

ps) one hundred million years ago, not long after I started this blog, I interviewed Lara C!  That interview is now quite out-dated, as it was pre-Ink & Spindle… but worth checking out for a look at some of Lara’s much earlier work!  You can re-visit the interview here.

The ‘Boys’ side of the bed! Wall decal and bedside lamp both feature Lara’s ‘Birch’ design.  These lamps are available from Wilkins and Kent.

Bedroom details.  Art top left – Jeremiah Ketner.

Loungroom details and artwork… the customised Tram Scroll features a very special destination!

Cute loungeroom details. The Whale is by Bride & Wolfe, upholstered retro stool (in Ink & Spindle fabric) by Jacqui at Reissued.

Dining table details

Peppermint kitchen! (with matching Peppermint Kitchenaid mixer  – perfect!)  Spin Spin teatowel hanging on the oven door.

Sweet details in the kitchen including the super cute Gingko leaf post-it note set given to Lara by a friend who spotted these in Korea!  (Lara loves her trademark Gingko leaf design, and also wears a tattoo of a Gingko leaf on her arm.)

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