Megan Park - Finding Inspiration

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
15th of March 2011

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Megan Park's studio pinboard

Where does my inspiration come from? This is always a question that people ask but one that I find almost impossible to answer.

Favourite vintage pieces from Megan's personal collection

It comes from everywhere yet nowhere in particular. It is a constant progression from one season to the next. We always aim to create a new statement each season, a fresh sprit and vibe from the previous but always maintaining the essence of MEGAN PARK.

Vintage fabrics, including a 1920's beaded dress from Megan's personal collection

A peek into Megan Park's personal wardrobe of vintage finds!

I collect and love antique textiles.  I collect with no particular season in mind and sometimes I reference something I picked up 15 years ago. I trawl Parisian flea markets and love the vintage shops of London. I love travelling and will hunt out traditional or antique textiles wherever I go. I never copy these embroideries but the techniques and intricate beauty of these works is beyond inspiring.

- Megan x

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