Finders Keepers Wrap-Up!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
29th of March 2011
The Finders Keepers in Melbourne this weekend! (Featuring enormous hanging paper installation by The Paper Convention Collective!).  Top photo by Dawn Tan.
Raph Rashid's new Taco Truck made quite an impression!  HIGHLY recommend the fish tacos!  Top photo by Dawn Tan, bottom photo by me.
Gorgeous pieces by Finders Keepers newbie Emily Green!

Right I will commence my Finders Keepers wrap-up by saying HAVE YOU TRIED ONE OF THE TACO TRUCK TACOS YET!??  Because that was the most overheard sentence all weekend!  Well... maybe it was the most overheard sentence if you were standing anywhere near me!  They are freaking AMAZING!  First burgers and now the best tacos in town?!  Sheesh what will he think of next. Mamasita better watch their back!  he he.  Kidding kidding.  (SERIOUSLY though, fish taco - to die for!).

OK enough tummy rumbling from me, and onto the main event!  CRAFT!  Craft and handmade treats and indie design in all manner of wonderous shapes and sizes.  Lots of old favourites (Pene Durston, Betty Jo, Madeleine Stamer, Ink & Spindle!), and some new-ish faces (our favourite newbie - Emily Green!).  As usual it was a super high quality curated mix, accompanied by a lineup of great local music and a good sprinkling of paper installation (no indie craft event is complete without one :)

I was having a slightly bad camera day I must admit (bit rusty and a bit jetlagged etc etc), so these aren't as exhaustive or as pretty as usual... nevertheless it's a good cross section of goodies!  AND I must thank the ever-lovely Dawn Tan - some of these pics are hers... they are waaaaay prettier than mine, so thankyou Dawn you are super kind letting me share them! (Dawn also has much FK goodness on her site today-  do pop over and see!).

Highlights below, in no particular order...

Cannot get enough of Betty Jo's kooky creations!
Betty Jo (aka Liz) and her gorgeous daughter (16 yrs) with the pink fringe who was trying hard to look grumpy but secretly I think she was having fun :) Bonus points from Liz if you get the TV reference in her cute handmade sign?
Able and Game just go from strength to strength with their hilarious card range!  My fave - "Thanks for letting me stay... sorry about the vom" !! Genius.
Penelope Durston has SUCH GOOD THINGS FOR WINTER!  Gorgeous angora gloves and long long socks!  Patchworked blankety-quilts!  Cosy new hot water bottle covers! Agh I die.
Can't believe I hadn't come across Printspace before - lovely art prints and illustrated cards etc, designed and printed in Melbourne by husband and wife team Mara and Nicholas Girling.
Always a goodie!  Madeleine Stamer of Little Circus Design had her gorgeous mobiles, prints and new earrings on display.
Cute and very detailed handmade softies by Tassie crafter Cat Rabbit!  Look at their knitted chunky scarves....!
Fantastic journals, diaries and albums made from re-purposed books by Melbourne makers Re-Bound Books.  Also love the spine bookmarks!
Mr Lincoln Flower stall!  GORGEOUS!  There should be a flower stand at every craft market.  Top photo by Dawn Tan.
The Paper Convention Collective - just makin' cute stuff.  Bottom photo by Dawn Tan.
Tinker by Printink!  Was great to bump into last week's interviewee Jason Cesani.
Still loving these super simple lamps by Two Layers of Cells - especially the 'draw your own' option for kids!
Jenny Butler and Dawn Tan both loved these cute baby shoes by All About Heidi.  Photo by Dawn Tan.
Beautiful shots by Dawn Tan again!  Is there nothing she doesn't excel at?!

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