Christmas Wishlist - David Bromley

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
23rd of December 2010
David Bromley's Christmas Wishlist - itemised below.

When I first asked David Bromley for his ideal Christmas wishlist, he responded with a truly beautiful list of all non-material things - love and friends and happiness and all those incredible things which we often forget to stop and truly appreciate.  It was such a beautiful read and perfectly articulated how many of us feel about Christmas I think... but of course being a sickenly materialistic design blogger I had to INSIST on asking him to add some actual physical things you can BUY!  Sorry!  How predictable :)

David responded graciously with some stunning material additions... but the basis of his list is still very much ephemeral - good company, sanity and more TIME to do everything!  I can totally sympathise with that one!  I hope Santa is listening.

David Bromley's Christmas wishlist - from the top down :

1. A giant steel Hotel sign from Capocchi. 2. A pair of Pantanetti shoes from John Rizzo. 3. Patchwork over dyed rug from Loom. 4. A big boat in glass box from Tarlo & Graham (ps. This is not the actual boat! When I went in to photograph, I think David had already bought it!  This one is smaller but super cute too!) 5. Any paintings by Colin Pennock at Scott Livesy Gallery. 6. my sanity. 7. good surf / swell at Byron. 8. my friends around me. 9. everyone to forgive me for being a pain all year. 10. more time.

Thankyou so much to very busy David B for sharing his list, and once again to PR dynamo Esther at The Project Agency for facilitating!

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