Tokyo Design Week with Hello Sandwich - Stationery Roundup

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
9th of November 2010
Today's guest blog is jammed full of stationery goodies. So many of these items I would have loved to have seen in real life at the Tokyo Design Week... but thankfully Ebony has documented everything so wonderfully it's almost like being there! - Jenny x Japan is just the master when it comes to stationery and the goods on show during Tokyo Design week were no exception. Here are a few Hello Sandwich favourites:

Hum stationery products by Hightide and graf exhibition at Spiral. Also spied at Spiral was the Joy by day by toy calendar designed by Noboru Naito for d-bros. d-bros have also released a range of Futura calendars (in different font weights) for any typography geeks out there. You know who you are!

Leaf letter set by Neo Green X Eding:Post seen at Design Tide Tokyo. There’s no need for a separate envelope as this cute little leaf folds up to form it’s very own envelope.

Not so good at maths? Then this Rainbow Ruler by 501 Design Studio might just be for you. Use colours, not numbers to measure. Spied at Design Tide Tokyo.

Or-ita cardboard perforator on display at Design Tide Tokyo and for sale at Claska’s do shop. This little gem can help you recycle your unwanted cardboard boxes by turning them into any shape box you desire. A must for any eco contious gift wrapper! More info here.

What is it with Koreans and stationery design? I want to know how they got so damn good at it! We all know and love Korean stationery brands MMMG and O-check but have you heard about Nine Faces Design? I fell in love with Memo planner, a calendar made of post-it notes on show at Tokyo Designers Week.

It’s highly possible that Gung is responsible for providing the cutest stationery item in the Hello Sandwich stationery cupboard! Kairo (which means ‘facial expression’ in Japanese) is a rubber stamp which allows you to make any emoticon face your little heart desires. Clearly a business must-have! I won’t even go into the USB Memory ring.  But you should go and buy one, yes you should.

Stationery lovers, beware, the fun did not end there! Also on at the same time as Tokyo Design Week was the D ♥ Y Fair at Dictionary Club Tokyo. Pop over to Hello Sandwich for a review of the event.  I'd like to live at Dictionary Club and D ♥ Y Dictionary Club Tokyo

Love Love Hello Sandwich xoxo

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