The Finders Keepers wrap-up

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
11th of October 2010
The Finders Keepers organisers Sarah and Brooke break some kind of blog record for getting their noggins on The Design Files two posts in a row! Nice work ladies! - photo by Stefan Duscio.
AMAZING crowds captured by Stefan Duscio and unfortunately squished to 520 pixels by me.  Sorry.  Very frustrating.
Buzzing crowds!  Photos by Stefan Duscio.

WELL I would like to confirm that everything they say about The Finders Keepers market is TRUE!  It is indeed one of the awesomest craft markets in the land and here are the shots to prove it!

There was SO MUCH GOODNESS on display and I can only apologise to any peeps I missed... it was overwhelming as usual!

ALSO I must say a massive thankyou to the very talented Stefan Duscio who is a brilliant young cinematographer I am working with at the moment in day-job land.  Stefan  just *happened* to be at the market with his camera and offered to take some shots for The Design Files whilst he was there!  AMAZING!  His photos are so so beautiful and much better than mine!   Thanks so much Stefan!

Highlights are here... but the FULL photo gallery is over here... do check it out!  And if I don't know your name / business name, and you spot yourself or your work in a photo without a credit, please just leave a comment with your info and I will add it!  All professionalism 'round here. :)
I was captivated by these mad but brilliant knitted cacti by Melbourne crafting sisters Andrea Daniel and Renee Broders - aka Odds and Ends!  More from this talented pair available on Etsy.  Top photo by Stefan Duscio, bottom photo by me.
Cute Frankie mags, cute Frankie girls.. sorry i don't know your names but you are cute.  *update - this is Georgia and Lou from Frankie mag!  Photos - Stefan Duscio.
The very lovely Madeleine Stamer of Little Circus Design was selling her gorgeous birdie mobiles and cards... and modelling some brand new almost released earrings!  Stay tuned on that one!  Photos by me.
I FINALLY met Liz Jones aka Betty Jo yesterday!  Liz is lovely and hilarious and let my Mum buy 4 brooches with the promise of  transfering the funds by EFT on Monday!  Now that is seriously lovely!  Keep your eyes peeled for Betty Jo creations soon at the very beautiful BIG by Fiona Scanlan stores!  Portrait by Stefan Duscio, product shots by me. LOVE the brooch Liz was wearing - a one-off of course!
One major STAND OUT for me was new collaborators Katherine Wheeler and Abby Seymour of Golden Ink.  Katherine studied gold and silver smithing and makes the ceramic jewellery and trinkets... Abby studied fine art / printmaking and hand paints each piece! OMG they are amazing!  It was so great to see something brand new and entirely hand crafted... beautiful rings and vases... seriously stunning.
Stunning hand painted vases by Katherine Wheeler and Abby Seymour of Golden Ink.
Melbourne's The Cupcake Wrapper Company has a beautifully styled stand as always!
Genius notebooks and stationery made from repurposed vinyl records by Record Attempts!  These pics by Stefan Duscio.
My dear dear friend Madeleine Beatty aka Madz has Runaway launched an entirely new range (out with the resin, in with natural timber!) and it is SO seriously gorgeous!  Loved her stunning handpainted timber brooches and the pretty fabric inlays..
Gorgeous new cards also from Madz has Runaway - "Can I be in your fan club" and "you make my heart race"... so cute!
Shannon Lamden aka Aunty Cookie braved the markets despite being about to pop at 9 months pregnant.  Now that deserves a mention.
Loved these beautiful simple summer dresses and accessories by Tilli Michelle
Victoria Mason showed some fab new designs as well as her best sellers!  Love the kitsch 'Australia' pendant necklace!
Was great to finally meet Alarna Zinn from Little Jane st, all the way from Brisbane! (Rememer Alarna's beautiful home featured here?!) Gorgeous things including new stationery and a beautiful range of cards.
Bunting bunting and more bunting!  These beautiful soft pics of the very gorgeous Rabbit & The Duck stand by Stefan Duscio.
CUTE Boniko girls!  Photo by Stefan Duscio.
As you can see, The Finders Keepers is a gold mine of girl-crush cuteness.  Cute girl, if you are reading, I cannot figure out who you are but please comment and tell me what your label is and I will add it!  *update - this is Kara from Perth label White Square!  Thanks for the tip off Sarah!  Photo by Stefan Duscio.
Oh my is that another cute girl!?  No way!  This is Retro Print Revival, photo by Stefan Duscio.
Beci Orpin's other half Raph serves up a storm in his Beatbox Kitchen.  Photo by Stefan Duscio.

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