Sarah Dingwall

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
4th of October 2010
Handblown glass pieces by Mornington Peninsula based artist Sarah Dingwall.
Amazing glass Lollypop Rings by Sarah Dingwall!

Oh my.

These outrageously beautiful pieces are the work of young Mornington Peninsula based artist Sarah Dingwall, who completed a Fine Arts degree (majoring in Glass) at Monash Uni last year.  You will be flabbergasted to know that she's only 22!

Sarah creates her exquisite glass pieces using both handblowing and flameworking techniques.  She hires a friend's glassblowing studio in the middle of the bush, and has a small flameworking studio set up in the shed at home.  Sarah says she has always been fond of shiny things, and things that look edible. "And if they can be worn" she says, "well that's even better."  No surprises her beautiful work looks good enough to eat!

Sarah most enjoys collaborating with her oldest friend - nature.  She has found that glass and nature can go hand-in-hand, complementing each other, making a fine pair.  Sarah often uses glass as a means to capture and display found objects from her favourite place – the backyard.   Her new glass bubble rings allow the wearer to capture and wear a tiny item of their choosing within a delicate glass bubble... so special!

Sarah will be at the reknowned Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide this weekend....  if you're in the area you MUST go visit her and buy a beautiful handblown glass ring!   If you're not heading to Bowerbird, don't worry I will be sure to let you all know when Sarah's work will be available to buy online...  an Etsy store is in the works - stay tuned!

* Update - Sarah will also be at Craft Victoria's Craft Hatch event this month on Sat 23 Oct at the State Library of Victoria.

I must thank the brilliant Jenny Butler once again for this stellar tip off!  Jenny has known Sarah for years and is super keen to promote her friend's stunning work... no complaints here - I LOVE it!

Inspired by nature - toadstool rings and empty bubble rings.
Bubble rings!  What will you capture? Grains of sand from your favourite beach?  A feather or trinket to remind you of somewhere special?
Handblown hanging glass ornaments by Sarah
In addition to her glasswork, Sarah is an amazing photographer... check out the dreamy photographs on her Tumblr...  Wowsers!  Talk about multi-talented.

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