Scott's Seoul travel diary - day 4 at O-Check head office

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
12th of August 2010
O-Check library book notebook collection
- Day 4 and Scott visits his friends at O-Check head office I must admit I am feeling tired after a few big days... but I just love catching up again with my friends at O-Check, so I'm back today at their head office. Just like "A Cafe" this space truly captures their love of beautiful design and vintage accessories, which they use for inspiration in all their existing and new ranges. The head office includes (like MMMG) a studio/work space, a shopfront and a cafe. It must be a trend in Korea and I think it is lovely as you live the brand's story as you walk through the space and experience their stationery designs.
O-Check head office cafe
O-Check head office showroom / store
O-Check head office showroom / store - love the industrial desk lamp (top) and beautiful soft vintage colour palette on show.
In the case of O-Check this means soft lighting, a muted colour palette of both products and shop fittings, as well as touches like industrial lights and glass bottles used as vases. The space is relaxing and tranquil and I almost wish I could bring it all back home with me. The lounge area for staff is just like our own lounge rooms with books, designer dining table and even a guitar to play. The office space is much more utilitarian but no less beautiful; with blonde timbers and simply work desks and bookshelves piled high with design books. After spending a great day with Jaehyck, Yoon and the whole O-Check team it is time for an early night.
O-Check office space - lots of blonde timber and a cute little chill out zone at the bottom of the stairs.

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