Last day in Paris... À Bientôt Michelle!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
20th of August 2010
Michelle had fun in Paris spotting the products and places advertised in her favourite French vintage posters!
Ooohh Je suis desolee parce-que notre amie belle Michelle etait partir le guest blog aujourd'hui!  Merci Michelle! À Bientôt ! (Oooh la la can't believe how much dodgy year 10 French I remember... any Frenchies out there reading? How did I go?) - Lucy xx One of the most (of many) wonderful things about going to Paris was to see first hand the relationship the French have with the posters, and advertising in general. Le Boss always bangs on about how there was, and still are, posters all over France. And you know, he was right. Even today, there are posters in big light-boxes on the footpath, on walls in the street, in the metro, on buses, trains, everywhere! Qui, qui. The French take every opportunity to advertise on everything. The French understand the art of intelligent and engaging advertising. And the French still do love their posters.
Paris poster advertising - lightboxes, and in the Metro
Another highlight was seeing all the products advertised in our posters in-situ in Paris. A trip to the supermarket had me jumping up and down in the aisles. Le Boss found it hilarious, me running around saying 'Look! Biscuits Lu-Lu!', 'Look! Banania!', 'Look! Perrier!' (Yes, I do know Perrier is sold here, but seeing it in a Parisian marche is so much more exciting).
Michelle spots the products from her favourite French posters...
Walking around Paris was the same. Willi's Wine Bar, A Nicolas Wine Store, DD Chausettes stockings in Galeries LaFayette, Cachou Lajaunie liquorice tins and a Le Point magazine in the back of a taxi. Every poster means so much more to me now. There is a product, a brand name and a history behind the advertisement. Now, I really GET IT. And if I didn’t love them enough already, I REALLY LOVE our posters.
Michelle and Stephan visit the actual Willi's Wine Bar!
...and a Nicolas Wine Shop!
Galmont posters capture the colours of the French clay court at Roland Garros.
DD Chausettes at Galeries Lafayette!
Of course, this list wouldn't be complete with a sighting of the Moulin Rouge!
And to finish the week, a few of my favourite new ones purchased on the trip… enjoy!
Michelle's favourite new posters from Paris! (these and more are up on the Galmont website!)
HUGE THANKS to the gorgeous Michelle for her brilliant Paris Diary this week...! Don't forget Michelle also has an excellent Tumblr blog you should check out if you love French Vintage Posters! Michelle is at Galerie Montmartre most days... next time you're in Fitzroy do pop in and say 'Hello! I saw you on The Design Files... I would like to buy a beautiful French Vintage Poster please!" or something like that. :)

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