Image – courtesy of Mas & Miek Ceramic House

Shop Student Creations At Mas & Miek Ceramic House

A market at the Brisbane-based studio to celebrate one year of getting their hands dirty.

Sally Tabart
27th of April 2018

The Mas & Miek Ceramic House workshop space was started one year ago by Charlie and Mieke De Deyne. Since then, the mother-daughter duo (who both have degrees in Fine Arts) has been holding classes in their light-filled, multidisciplinary warehouse space, providing all levels, from amateurs to pros, with a relaxed space in which to learn and create. There are no rigid class times at Mas & Miek (it’s not ‘their thing’) – it’s all about popping in and having a go! The studio also functions as a gallery space and store, with a café open to the public.

To celebrate the studio’s first birthday, this Sunday Mas & Miek will be holding a student market, giving their students an opportunity to hawk their goods. ‘The majority of the students participating in the market started their journey in clay with us,’ tells Charlie and Mieke, ‘some of the work is truly innovative and inspiring!’.

All individual sales will go to the artists, and all further profits (from the café and sausage sizzle!) will be donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Mas & Miek Ceramic House
Student Market
Sunday, April 29th, 8am-2pm
11 Byres Street
Newstead, Queensland

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