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Mid-Year Meanders In Maryborough

Explore the cultural offerings of Central Goldfields District.

Ashley Simonetto
26th of April 2018

On a visit to Maryborough in 1895, the famous author Mark Twain described it as ‘a railway station, with a town attached’. Over 120 years later, and the regional Victorian town has a lot more to offer than the disproportionately large railway station!

For those interested in a taste of the Regional Centre for Culture’s program, the June Meander focuses on this historic town. On Dja Dja Wurrung Country, Maryborough has many stories to tell. In late June, the itinerary invites city-slickers and country dwellers alike to explore the artistic and cultural achievements of Maryborough and its surrounds, encouraging visitors to make a day (or three!) of it.

First on the agenda is Worsley Cottage (pictured), a bluestone building built in 1894 (it must have been pretty fresh when Mark Twain visited!), the backyard of the cottage contains one of the oldest known buildings in the district (we’re talking 1844), and today the main building operates as a museum.

Next up is one of the most compelling social stories of the region. The exhibition Wal Richards Wedding Photograph is located in Goldfields Art Gallery – itself of note as an 1861 fire station. The time machine of history, traditions, customs, and culture over the last half-century will house works by photographer Wal Richards who documented local weddings, creating a fascinating record of people, fashions and generational change in Maryborough.

Complete your itinerary with a visit to Creswick where the installation work, In Search Of Lost Evenings, is set up in the Creswick Hub. The sound installation piece sees a vintage couch fitted with speakers visitors can cosy up on, projecting stories from some of the older residents of Creswick reflecting on life in their 20s, as well as the musical stylings of Aime Sexton.

A Mid-Year Meander 
June 28th – July 1st

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