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'I Hope You Get This', But Do You?

Contemporary artist Raquel Ormella presents a new exhibition exploring the intersection of art and activism.

Elle Murrell
24th of May 2018

One of Australia’s leading multidisciplinary artists, Raquel Ormella, presents I hope you get this, her latest exhibition exploring the purpose of art as activism.

The striking, large-scale works offer insights into Raquel’s stance on issues relating to social and environmental activism; nationalism and national identity.

‘It’s hard to know what exactly inspires you,’ Raquel says in a film (below) relating to her work, ‘…migration history and national identity continue to be one of the top things I work on’. I hope you get this features a number of artworks from Raquel’s Burnt Flag, which saw her controversially burning nylon Australian flags with a live coal on the end of an incense stick. This performance piece signified a form of protest, seeking to develop an alternative narrative for those unrepresented by the colonial history of the Australian flag.

I hope you get this will first be presented at the Shepparton Art Museum in Victoria before making its way across the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.

I hope you get this
Raquel Ormella 

May 26th to August 12th
Shepparton Art Museum 
70 Welsford Street
Shepparton, Victoria

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