Image – illustration by Frances Cannon for CARE Australia.

Frances Cannon Illustrated Cards For CARE Australia

This limited-edition card funds the purchase of school books in the native language of women and girls living in poverty. 

Sally Tabart
26th of November 2018

Melbourne-based artist Frances Cannon has lent her signature illustrative style to a limited-edition gift card that helps support women and girls living in poverty. Teaming up with international aid organisation CARE Australia, the proceeds for each card sale goes towards purchasing school books for children in their native language. Known for her sweet drawings and poetry promoting self-love and body positivity, the messages behind Frances’ work is always through an intersectional feminist lens.

‘I want to show a girl how to feel confident and powerful; I want her to see that she has a massive future full of possibility ahead of her,’ said Frances of the intention behind her work.

CARE Australia empowers women and girls through access to education and active support to create equal opportunity, with research indicating that each year of schooling can boost a girl’s future earnings by 10-20 per cent. The charity currently has a range of cards illustrated by different artists available with proceeds going towards supporting people living in poverty.

See CARE Australia’s entire collection at

You can read more about one of CARE Australia’s education programs here. This program helps children from minority groups in Cambodia go to school for the first time. Donations go to textbooks, teacher training, student supply kits and school uniforms.

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