Image – courtesy of the artist.

‘Pretend I’m Not Here’ In Brunswick

A solo exhibition from emerging artist Samantha Sederof, featuring the faces of beloved East Brunswick bar, Mr Wilkinson.

Miriam McGarry
9th of August 2018

Most of us have a ‘local’ bar for after work drinks or weekend catch ups. Here, bar staff become confidantes, and regulars become part of the furniture. But how many of us can say we have been painted by the staff of our favourite establishment?!

Pretend I’m Not Here is Samantha Sederof’s first solo exhibition, and also the phrase the artist used to guide her sitters for their portraits. Samantha’s subjects are patrons of the bar where she works, Mr Wilkinson in East Brunswick.  The artist has sought to capture these customers, friends, housemates and family members ‘in moments authentic and exposing.’

‘Pretend I’m not here’ is, in fact, a truly impossible request (have you ever tried not to think about an elephant?) and Samantha plays with this contradiction in her carefully constructed images. She explains ‘I find people endlessly fascinating’, and has loved seeing each subject’s responses to their finished portrait.

The exhibition opens this evening – and you never know, if you hang out at Mr Wilkinson for long enough, you might end up in Samantha’s next show!

Pretend I’m Not Here
Opening 6pm, August 9th
Mr Wilkinson Bar
295 Lygon St
Brunswick East, Victoria


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