Claudia Lau At Studio Local

Roll up your sleeves, it is time for Clay Studies classes with one of Melbourne’s most loved ceramicists.

Ashley Simonetto
6th of August 2018

Studio Local are back with a second Clay Studies session, guided by Melbourne super ceramicist Claudia Lau.

The classes will introduce participants to hand forming and building techniques under Claudia’s helpful guidance.

This session encourages participants to explore connection between clay as a material, and the environment where it was sourced. Students will ‘create their own sculptural flatscape with consideration to aspects such as rims, feet, walls, surface textures and their purpose.’

Prepare to get your hands dirty, as Studio Local provide a variety of materials to ‘alter the state of natural clay bodies.’ Get ready to spend a day pressing and prodding the clay, and then eight weeks later the glazed and fired pieced will be ready to pick up. All materials, and an introductory tool kit are provided as a take home gift.

If you aren’t familiar with Claudia’s stunning work, take a gander at our interview with the talented local maker, or pop over to her website for a scroll through her brilliant work. Claudia only picked up a ball of clay four years ago – so who knows what might happen in your ceramics future after you participate in her class!

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