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Artists For Sydney's Major Survey Of Australian Art Announced

The National – not just a sad (yet great) rock band from the mid-2000s!

Sally Tabart
31st of August 2018

Leaders at some of Sydney’s major arts and culture venues have come together to curate recently released The National 2019 program. The second in a six-year initiative, the exhibition showcases new and commissioned works by emerging, mid-career and established artists, with the aim to portray a large-scale survey of Australian art.

More specifically, The National 2019 aims to explore cutting-edge thoughts and ideas reflective of this specific time.‘We are interested in how new forms of curatorial collaboration can act as a mirror for current national debates,’ MCA co-curators Colothide Bullen and Anna Davis explain.

Artists in this mega lineup include activist and dancer Amrita Hepi; Archibald prize finalist Abdul-Rahman Abdullah and Studio A artist Thom Roberts.

This ambitious collaborative venture will feature the work of 65 artists across a diverse range of media, and form three distinct exhibitions taking place at the curators’ home institutions; the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Carriageworks.

Check out the full lineup of artists and curators at

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