Photography – Ben Clement.

Art Food Dining Series

A creative, fine-dining experience in Melbourne that combines sound, taste and sight.

Ashley Simonetto
7th of December 2017

What do you get when you mix the flavours of exceptional food and wine, the feeling of feasting with friends and a strong commitment to a theme? Some of Melbourne’s most exciting, creative minds bring you Otis Armada – an ongoing dining project that combines music, food and art.

The aim is to inject a playful element into unique fine dining events. It’s kind of like going to a contemporary art gallery where food is the art, the artists are your waiters and the natural wine is abundant.

Coming off the back of a wildly successful event in New York, the Otis Armada team invite chefs Pete Cooksley (of Embla) and  Electrolux Australian Young Chef finalist Matt Binney (of Merricote) to explore an afternoon dining event that takes inspiration from Australian primary school memories – expect recess on arrival, a tuck shop inside and lunchtime in the leafy courtyard of the Contemporary Arts Precinct in Collingwood.

This Otis Armada event will run on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December from 1pm at the Contemporary Arts Precinct. Tickets here!

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