Image – Left: 'There Wasn't Enough Time To Leave' by Katie Eraser. Right: 'Getting It Right Every Time' by Emma Lipscombe.

A Collaboration Crossing State Lines

Living on opposite sides of the country couldn’t stop artists Katie Eraser and Emma Lipscombe from working together on this joint exhibition!

Sally Tabart
6th of November 2018

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in the case of Katie Eraser and Emma Lipscombe, it also makes a pretty snazzy art show! Based in Melbourne and Perth respectively, the two artists have come together to present Tough Luck. This joint exhibition sees their signature works hanging alongside each other and then also combined in an exclusive collaborative textile series.

Presented by Tinning Street gallery in Brunswick, Tough Luck explores the artist’s shared energy propelled across state lines. Despite the clear differences between their styles – Katie with her expressive, gestural mixed-media works and Emma’s ordered, geometric forms – the artists find similarities in their vibrant, complementary palettes.

Their limited-edition ‘flags’ combine stylistic features from each of the artists and reflect their shared vision. ‘When we considered how to collaborate for the show, we had to find a way to navigate the hurdle of living 3,400 kilometres apart,’ explains Katie of the collaborative textile pieces, ‘We each started a couple of designs then passed them onto the other person to finish the artwork.’ A collaboration in the truest form!

Tough Luck by Katie Eraser and Emma Lipscombe
November 15th-25th
Tinning Street gallery
5/29 Tinning Street
Brunswick, Victoria

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