How Dessert Queen Katherine Sabbath Made Her Retro Rental More Sustainable

Teacher turned internet baking sensation Katherine Sabbath is known for her extravagant, creative cakes and love of bold colours — an aesthetic that’s also found its way into her charming Sydney rental.

Living in the city’s inner west with her partner Troy, and their baby daughter Zemirah, Katherine has styled the Victorian home with mid-century and art deco furniture, and an impressive collection of indoor plants.

She’s also recently taken one easy step to make her family’s lifestyle more sustainable by switching to a GreenPower electricity plan, which means her money is now going towards investing in renewable energy. And all it took was one phone call!

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Georgie Rose

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Katherine Sabbath and her family live in a rental property in Sydney’s inner west!

The former school teacher gained a cult-following ever since she started sharing her incredible cakes online.

She’s since released three best-selling cookbooks, and has her own business, Creative Cake Decorating.

Indoor plants and quirky homewares have helped inject a sense of personality into the rental.

Colourful cake stands line her shelves, as the dining table often serves as her ‘office’.

But the kitchen is where the magic happens!

A peek inside her newest book, ‘Bake My Day’.

As a renter, Katherine decided to switch to GreenPower with her current energy provider, putting her money towards funding Australia’s renewable industry!

Katherine with 10-month-old Zemirah.

‘Switching to GreenPower is such an easy and small change that anyone can make,’ Katherine says. ‘In the long run, supporting renewable energy makes a big impact!’

Christina Karras

Georgie Rose

23rd of May 2023

It’s no secret that renters are limited in the way they can use and alter their homes, but it doesn’t mean that sustainable action is off the cards. Just ask Sydney-based creative cake maker and cookbook author Katherine Sabbath.

Despite adding her own creative flair to her family home, with eclectic homewares and a love of pattern, like many other renters, Katherine is restricted from installing rooftop solar. That’s why she did the next best thing: switching to GreenPower.

GreenPower is Australia’s only government accredited and audited renewable energy scheme, where your power company buys renewable energy on your behalf. It means the money you spend on your electricity bills is going directly towards new Australian renewable projects, bringing more renewable energy to the grid.

It typically doesn’t cost more than a few dollars extra per month, and it’s the fastest and easiest way you can help grow the renewables industry. More than 10 electricity companies in Sydney offer GreenPower, all you have to do is sign up through your energy provider. Plus with energy prices on the rise, it’s also a great opportunity to shop around for the best deal, and Energy Made Easy is great resource for comparing all the latest electricity plans.

Katherine shares how she managed to make the switch, while juggling parenting and her flourishing baking business!

Hey Katherine! It’s been a huge few years for you, can you give us an update one what you’ve been up to?

Hey mates! I’ve been super lucky to have recently welcomed into the world our first born, Zemirah (Zee!) with my partner Troy. Around the same time, my third cookbook, ‘Bake My Day’ was also released! It celebrates sweet ways to make friends and be the life of the party through baking. It’s been a chaotic juggle of course, but such a wonderful chapter to have the privilege of navigating through.

Tell us about your home and how you’ve styled it?

Having grown up down the coast in Shellharbour and Wollongong, I’ve lived in the inner-west for the last 10 years and I just thrive on the creative community here. The home we’re currently renting has lovely Victorian design features and I’ve decorated the interior with mid-century and art deco furniture, plants, and eclectic homewares. I love the single-floor, open-plan style of living, with loads of natural light.

As a multi-tasking creative (with a new baby!) what are all the different ways you use your home?

It’s a priority for me at the moment that our home functions as both a family space and a workspace. I test all of my recipes and write all my cookbooks here! Some days I use this space to create my own baking videos, or I can spend days on the dining room table as my ‘office’. Now recently with little Zee in tow, it’s important that she has space to explore and grow, so we’ve rearranged the living room (and most of the house to be honest) to become her play zone! At the moment I’m spending most of my time with her in her play zone or outdoors at local parks, and cherishing it!

What are you feeling passionate about at the moment?

I’ve always loved the meditative and creative nature of baking away in the kitchen for special people, but I also LOVE being outdoors with family and my dog Pluto, or tending to our plants. Living in the inner west means there’s lots of local parks, pubs, cafes, and events that we can check out on foot.

Youve recently made the switch to GreenPower. How and why did you make the switch?

It was really easy! I just called up our energy provider and specifically asked them to help me switch my plan over to GreenPower. The process was straightforward and only took 5-10 minutes over the phone.

I think it’s everyone’s responsibility (and in our best interests of course) to look after the environment, but at the moment I’m not in the position to install solar panels to the house we’re in because it’s a rental. Switching to GreenPower is such an easy and small change that anyone can make. In the long run, supporting renewable energy makes a big impact!

Whats next for Katherine Sabbath?

I’ve got some exciting creative collaborations with local businesses in the pipeline, as well as working away on my own small business, Creative Cake Decorating. I’d love to work with more artists as well as sustainable Australian brands this year, so I’m putting that out into the universe!

Find GreenPower providers and other useful tips to make the switch from City of Sydney.

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