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A Robin Boyd Mid-Century Masterpiece Hits The Market!

There are few opportunities to own a slice of Victoria’s mid-century architectural history, let alone a Robin Boyd ‘masterpiece’. So, when one hits the market, our eyes and ears prick up (along with every other modernist fan in Australia).

The Boyd Baker House – built around 1966 and named after its architect, Robin Boyd, and original owner, Dr Michael Baker (a mathematician) – is an exemplary piece of geometric understanding. The home’s ‘perfect square’ shape reveals an internal courtyard and walls made from locally quarried stone throughout.

This remarkable home and the two additional dwellings on the property; the ‘Dower House‘ and the ‘Roy Grounds Library’ – have just hit the market, available separately, or together. Take a look below!

Bea Taylor

The Boyd Baker House by architect Robin Boyd. Photo – Spacecraft

The house is located at 305-307 Long Forrest Road, Long Forrest, VIC. Photo – Spacecraft

Boyd designed the home around a central courtyard, using a ‘perfect square’ framework. Photo – Spacecraft

The living area looks out onto the surrounding native bush. Photo – Spacecraft

Many of the original features still remain. Photo – Spacecraft

Photo – Spacecraft

Photo – Spacecraft

The Dower House, also designed by Robin Boyd. Photo – Spacecraft

The Dower House, alongside the Roy Grounds Library, is available to purchase separately or together with the Boyd Baker House. Photo – Spacecraft

The home sits among beautiful native bush. Photo – Spacecraft

Bea Taylor
4th of March 2023

The Boyd Baker House located in Long Forest, Victoria, and named after architect Robin Boyd and its original owner Dr Michael Baker, was devised through a mutual love and understanding of geometric calculations. 

Baker, a senior lecturer in mathematics, gave Boyd a loose brief, merely asking for ‘as much space as possible’. And, the resulting design (which was one of two original proposals), showcased a home built around a central courtyard, rigid in its geometry through the use of a ‘perfect square’.  

The Boyd Baker House is now listed as one of Australia’s most important and iconic residential buildings.

Set among beautiful native bushland, the 35-acre property holds a collection of three dwellings; the main house, a smaller ‘Dower House’ – also designed by Boyd as an apartment for Baker’s mother-in-law –, and the ‘Sir Roy Grounds Library’, which was designed by Roy Grounds and built to house Michael’s large collection of books. 

These heritage-listed buildings are considered excellent examples of mid-century design and architecture, and remain relatively untouched bar a few internal renovations to the kitchen and bedrooms. 

As with all Boyd’s projects, the materials used in The Boyd Baker House are warm and robust with Bacchus Marsh stone used prolifically throughout for internal and external walls. 

The property, which has just hit the market, offers up an excellent opportunity to own a heritage-listed mid-century gem by, arguably, Australia’s most influential architect.

Those interested have the option to purchase the Boyd Baker House (on approximately 19.23 acres), or Dower House and library (approximately 11.66 acres) separately, or together. 

The Boyd Baker House and the Dower House at 305–307 Long Forest Road, Long Forest is listed with Jellis Craig. Expressions of interest close on April 13, 2023 at 5pm AEST. See the full listing here. 

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