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Creating A Timeless Interior, With Jean-Pierre Biasol

Creating a home that transcends trends, and will stand the test of time, is a worthy goal for any residential design project.

For Melbourne interior designer Jean-Pierre Biasol, creating timeless interiors is a lifelong pursuit. From his grand residential projects, to award-winning commercial interiors, Jean-Pierre consistently strikes a careful balance between simplicity and elegance, resulting in projects that avoid fleeting trends, and appear to transcend eras.

Today, Jean-Pierre shares how his studio created one such timeless interior in this stunning Melbourne home – elevating heritage architecture with natural materials, a pared back colour palette, and a carefully selected edit of classic and contemporary design pieces from DOMO.

Lucy Feagins
Supported by DOMO

The timeless living space in Biasol’s ‘Cases Eterea’ project. Here, the deSede DS-266 Armchair from DOMO sits alongside more restrained furniture selections, including the HC28 Oasis Coffee Table and Occasional Table, and Jean-Pierre’s own sofa design, the Comoda Modular Sofa by Biasol. Photo – Timothy Kaye.

Interior Designer Jean-Pierre Biasol. Photo – Timothy Kaye.

The Ligne Roset Ultime Bed from DOMO beings classic elegance to the bedroom. Photo – Timothy Kaye.

In the kitchen, Jean-Pierre implemented a minimalist, restrained colour and materials palette. Photo – Timothy Kaye.

The deSede DS-266 Armchair from DOMO sits alongside more restrained furniture selections, including the HC28 Oasis Coffee Table and Occasional Table, and Jean-Pierre’s own sofa design, the Comoda Modular Sofa by Biasol. Photo – Timothy Kaye.

Cases Eterea by Biasol. Photo – Timothy Kaye.

The Ligne Roset Togo Fireside chair from DOMO alongside Biasol’s own Tondo Mirror design, lends a contemporary edge to the heritage spaces in this home. Photo – Timothy Kaye.

DOMO’S Pulpo Mila Side Table adds a functional yet playful edge to the bathroom. Photo – Timothy Kaye.

Lucy Feagins
21st of March 2023

Interior designer Jean-Pierre Biasol of Biasol brings a distinctively international point of view to all his Australian projects. Having trained in Italy, the Melbourne-based designer reveres European design, and this background manifests in all his studio’s output. ‘Think Italian flair and passion, German know how, and the minimalism and functionality of Scandinavian design—all intertwined through our Australian sensibilities’ Jean-Pierre explains.

A glance through Biasol’s impressive portfolio of residential work reveals a distinctive style – grand, yet understated, and carefully decorative, yet refined and, at times, quite minimalist.

These enduring qualities are on full display in Casa Eterea, where Jean-Pierre and his team created a striking interior renovation for a grand family home in Melbourne. Combining the classical with the contemporary, Casa Eterea embodies the essence of timeless elegance.

In furnishing this project, Biasol opted for DOMO’s distinctive deSede DS-266 Armchair, and iconic Ligne Roset Togo Fireside chair, alongside more restrained furniture selections, including  the HC28 Oasis Coffee Table and Pulpo Mila Side Table in the bathroom.

Here, Jean-Pierre shares insights into this stunning project, and offers wise advice for creating timeless interiors in any home.

Hey Jean-Pierre – you’ve created so many stunning residential and commercial design projects across Melbourne. How would you describe your general aesthetic as a design studio?

Lucy, that is an excellent question! Every design brief is different, especially when it comes to residential and commercial environments. As a studio we always find a way to blur the lines between the two, by taking design cues from each other. In recent years, we’ve made commercial spaces feel homely, and residential entertaining areas feel more intimate like a bar or restaurant. We love the diversity of our outcomes; we go through an in-depth creative exploration at the start of each project to ensure they are uniquely different.

Design, to us, is a deliberate process of creating something beautiful, with careful consideration of its function, purpose, environmental, economics, aesthetics, and sociocultural impacts. My exposure to the European design greats during my studies in Italy inspires our design approach and aesthetic in the studio today.

Your ‘Casa Eterea’ project has a distinct sense of elegance and timelessness about it, whilst also being a highly functional contemporary home. Tell us – how did you approach this project?

Our clients wanted a beautiful, practical, and functional family home—a space that embraces the connection between inside and out, whilst paying homage to the heritage fabrics of the home. Consideration to natural materials, colour, texture and natural light created an authentic and familiar foundation throughout the home, the perfect canvas for a selection of furniture and artworks.

Combining the classical with the contemporary, Casa Eterea embodies the essence of timeless elegance. Light-filled spaces feel ethereal and effortless, and the refined palette and classical details transcend time for generations.

What’s your advice for creating a timeless interior – what are the key ingredients for a home aesthetic that will stand the test of time?

Creating a timeless design takes exactly that, time—so don’t rush the process! Timeless design feels like it has been there forever, seamlessly integrated into its environment, while exuding elegance and effortless sophistication.

We like to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to create designs that stand the test of time. We also tend to use natural materials such as stone and timber, alongside metal finishes, which add authenticity and longevity. These fundamentals then become a canvas for sourcing both modern and classic furniture, and selecting artwork and objects which help bring personality and life to the spaces we create.

When it comes to furniture to enhance that ‘timeless’ feeling, what are your main considerations? What features are you drawn to when selecting furniture for your projects?

It’s all about quality, craftsmanship, and functionality. We consider how the piece will be used, who will be using it, and how it will make you feel within a space. Choosing pieces from high-quality materials that age gracefully is important. Classic furniture has beautiful clean lines, is versatile, and can seamlessly integrate into both traditional and modern settings.

In Casa Eterea, we especially love your use of classic design pieces such as the deSede DS-266 Armchair, and Ligne Roset Togo Fireside, alongside more restrained and understated furniture selections. It’s a careful balance! Can you describe how these ‘standout’ pieces really set the tone in this space?

The deSede DS-266 Armchair and Ligne Roset Togo Fireside are some my all-time favourites! They are versatile within traditional and modern applications, and they pair perfectly with Biasol’s contemporary furniture pieces like our Comoda Modular Sofa and Tondo Mirror. These pieces highlight the classical features of Casa Eterea, enhancing the grandeur and elegance of its heritage.

DOMO is Australia’s exclusive stockist of iconic designer furniture, lighting and homewares brands from Europe, and across the globe.

With showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, DOMO offers a curated collection of classic and contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture ranges that last a lifetime.

For more design inspiration, follow DOMO on Instagram here or explore their collections online now.

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