Meet Goodbye Gas: The Local Business Helping Households Go All-Electric

In case you missed it, we’ve been talking a lot more about sustainability this year. Because if the rising concerns around climate change weren’t enough, gas and oil supply problems are also driving skyrocketing power prices that are hurting households in Australia, and beyond.

But one of the biggest challenges we all face when it comes to climate action, is simply not knowing where to start. That’s why electrician Ben Russell started Goodbye Gas, a company dedicated to helping streamline the process of going all-electric at home.

Their team of electrification experts do all the hard work for you, making it easy, efficient, and cost effective to say goodbye to gas!

Christina Karras

Goodbye Gas are on a mission to ‘electrify’ Australia, by helping households ditch gas appliances. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files

Founder Ben Russell along with Goodbye Gas’ head of operations, Marcella Palma in their Melbourne office. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files


‘Goodbye Gas makes home electrification easy, efficient and cost effective. We also take care of all available government rebates,’ Ben says. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files

The team of experts visit your home to identify all the gas appliances and organises the next steps on swapping them for their electric counterparts. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files

And once they’ve switched your appliances (whether it’s just your oven, or your whole house) the team helps customers switch to GreenPower – in order to help ‘grow the demand for renewables on the grid’. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files

They even handle electric vehicle chargers, so you can improve your lifestyle’s environmental footprint too. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files

Marcella previously worked at Breathe, a sustainable architecture practice before joining the team at Goodbye Gas as its first employee late last year. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files

The team say changing your hot water system, replacing your cooking appliances, installing solar and electric batteries is all easier than you might think – and will help you save money in the long run! Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files

Christina Karras
24th of February 2023

The energy sector (specifically the burning of fossil fuels to produce energy), is the largest contributor to Australia’s carbon emissions. We need to transition away from fossil fuels asap – and one key step in that transition, is to electrify our cities, workplaces and our homes. For homeowners, switching to electric home appliances, heating and cooling systems, and hot water services is a great place to start – but… how!?

Originally a sparky by trade, Goodbye Gas founder Ben Russell has been in ‘the business of electricity’ for more than 10 years. He started BREC (an electrical contracting business) and BREC Energy (a solar and battery business) and could see that the biggest problem with convincing people to get off gas systems, was simply juggling all the moving parts.

‘I knew it wasn’t that hard, all you need is people who know what they’re doing to coordinate it for you,’ Ben says. And for the past year his business has been doing exactly that – helping households across Victoria transition to an all-electric home, ideally, powered by the sun.

Goodbye Gas is made up of a network of sustainability experts and trade professionals, including former Breathe architect-turned-Goodbye Gas head of operations Marcella Palma.

The team identifies all the gas appliances in a client’s home through a home visit, and develops an ‘electrification’ plan, complete with a quote for each item. Tackling everything from cooktops, hot water systems, heating, and cooling, to installing solar, batteries and electric vehicle charges, they can retrofit existing homes, or work alongside your architect, designer or builder to make sure your new property gets the best appliances available.

‘Step-by-step we coordinate the trades and appliance purchase for each item. Then we help you abolish your gas connection,’ Marcella adds. ‘We do all the hard parts for you.’

‘We can usually get a heat pump installed in after a few days from getting in touch with us. Same goes for a cooktop! In most cases we’re in and out in under a day.’

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it all overnight. For Ben and his team, it’s all about ‘progress over perfection’ on their mission to electrify Australia. So, for some of their clients – electrification might mean taking small steps now, with a concrete plan to transition their home over the next few years, as the life cycle of their existing appliances comes to an end.

Whilst there is inevitably an up-front investment involved in making these sort of upgrades – it’s worth noting that going all-electric brings with it some significant savings. Rewiring Australia estimates the cost of running an average household on gas alone is about $5,300 per year, while it costs just $1,850 per year 100% electric.

‘You can further increase potential savings by powering those electric appliances with the cheapest form of electricity… solar,’ Ben says. ‘And we can help you with that!’

Goodbye Gas have big plans to go national later this year – and with their passion, purpose and unique expertise, we’re predicting big things for this forward-thinking Melbourne start-up!

Find out more about Goodbye Gas here.

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