Cook Alongside Julia Busuttil Nishimura On Her Brand New YOUTUBE Channel!

Sally Tabart
Sally Tabart
19th of August 2021

It’s no secret that we think everything our brilliant food columnist Julia Busuttil Nishimura touches turns to gold  – her monthly TDF recipes are consistently some of our most read and loved stories!

But aside from her excellent recipes, Julia is also one of the kindest, most charming and hilarious people IRL! Which is why her latest project has us so excited: a brand new YouTube channel, Cooking with Julia Busuttil Nishimura, shot by Julia’s great friend (and ours!) Matthew Harding.

Every Thursday Julia will be dropping a new recipe video for you to cook alongside – and today is Day 1! Some recipes will be classics from her cookbooks and others will be brand new ones created just for the channel.

On the launch day of her very first video, we caught up with Jules to find out more about this exciting new venture. We’re proud as punch!

Hey Jules – CONGRATS on the launch! What made you decide to start a YouTube channel, and why now?

Starting a YouTube channel felt like a natural progression. I was posting lots of videos on my Instagram and I loved doing them and people seemed to enjoy watching them. I wanted to make some longer videos on a seperate platform where people could watch and subscribe, hopefully reaching a wider audience. In between lockdowns I was able to team up with my mate Matthew Harding and we filmed a whole bunch of videos! With so many of us at home right now, it felt like the perfect time to do this! We’re so excited to be launching it!

What should we expect, and when should people tune in?

Every Thursday a new video will be released and so the first one is actually up NOW! My style of cooking is very relaxed and intuitive and I think the videos reflect that! They’re shot in my home kitchen and are just really fun and approachable.

What’s up first?

First up is one of my most popular recipes from Ostro [Julia’s first cookbook] – ricotta gnocchi with a cherry tomato sauce! I wanted to start with a favourite, but one that has a bit of technique in there too. I’m excited to share some exclusive new recipes via the channel soon too!

Tune into Julia’s new channel every Thursday and make sure to like and subscribe here!

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