Getting It Done

Getting it Done, With Wowowa!

Lucy Feagins
Supported by Adobe Acrobat
Lucy Feagins
16th of February 2021

We’re back with our second instalment of Getting It Done – our video series created in partnership with Adobe Acrobat. In this series, we get a closer look at the inner workings of some of our favourite creative companies, and the tools that make them tick! Today, we introduce award-winning Melbourne based architecture studio – Wowowa, run by husband and wife team, Scott and Monique Woodward.

Launched in 2010, Wowowa has built an impressive reputation for their bold, colourful and adventurous residential and civic architecture. At the helm, Monique Woodward wholeheartedly embodies the youthful, energetic spirit of the studio, and has built a stellar reputation in her own right, having been awarded AIA’s National Emerging Architect Prize in 2018.

Wowowa are a small, dynamic firm of ten people. Though their work has often been described as ‘playful’ (and it is!), it takes rigour, meticulous attention to detail, and fool-proof systems to design and build innovative buildings. Ever forward-thinking, Monique and her team are always looking for new ways of working to realise their ambitious creative ideas. They utilise a range of tools to stay ahead of the game, including Adobe Acrobat, which they use to annotate and edit design documents via iPad on site, and share easily with builders, engineers and other collaborators.

It was so inspiring to spend a day shadowing Monique and her incredible team, get an inside look at their creative process, and see just what it takes to get it all done!

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Wowowa are known for their bold use of colour! Here, they review samples for an upcoming project. Photo – Amelia Stanwix.

Monique Woodward and two of her team, in their Collingwood studio. Photo – Amelia Stanwix.

A typical day for Monique involves meetings and briefing in Wowowa’s Collingwood studio – then site visits at one of their many projects under construction. Photos – Amelia Stanwix.

Monique and her team utilise a range of tools to work efficiency with collaborators, including Adobe Acrobat, which they use to annotate and edit design documents via iPad on site, and share easily with the construction team. Photos – Amelia Stanwix.