A Video Tour Of Paul Bangay’s Own Legendary Garden

Sasha Gattermayr
Sasha Gattermayr
2nd of December 2020

Just a couple of weeks ago, Lucy joined Paul Bangay at his resplendent private garden, Stonefields, in Daylesford to launch his new book. Paul created this grand country garden from scratch, and it has been a labour of love for 16 years! Over that time, Paul as witnessed the impressive and dramatic ways it changes with the seasons. (In turn, it has witnessed the evolution of his stratospheric career!)

But it’s not just the months of the year that dictate how this incredibly detailed, multifaceted garden looks and feels over time. The iconic landscape designer’s tastes and interests have changed in the last decade and a half, and all of this is mirrored in the ever-changing landscape at Stonefields. Take a look for yourself and see the ways his more formal, structured zones give way to patches of cultivated wilderness which are now softened by an abundance of flowers.

You can practically smell the roses!

‘Stonefields: By The Seasons’, published by Lantern, Penguin is available here

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