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Introducing Nik And Harry Robinson - Two Good Citizens And The Winners Of The 2020 TDF + Laminex Design Awards Sustainable Design Category!

Sasha Gattermayr
Supported by Country Road
Sasha Gattermayr
10th of November 2020

Nik Robinson and his 8-year-old son, Harry, are not just family, they’re business partners. Two years ago, the Sydneysiders were inspired by one of Harry’s school projects, and set out to create a pair of sunglass frames made from 100% recycled plastic. After 18 months of research and prototyping, the pair launched a company with the new design they had developed, and  Good Citizens was born.

In order to eliminate any metal components from the design, Nik and Harry reengineered the traditional sunglasses hinge, creating a product made entirely from recycled plastic. One 600ml plastic bottle creates one Good Citizens sunglass frame exactly. Each component of the modular frame can be disassembled, allowing for easy replacement of singular broken parts rather than disposing of the entire item.

Nik and Harry’s business philosophy is driven by exactly what they say it is: being really good citizens of the planet. Like, REALLY good.

Play the above video above, and you’ll see why Nik and Harry took out the Sustainable Design award in our TDF + Laminex Design Awards last week!

The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards 2020 Sustainable Design or Initiative award is presented by Country Road.

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Film by Buffet Digital, Photographs by Alisha Gore.

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