A Lush New Line Of Contemporary Furniture From Jardan

Just a few weeks ago, local furniture titans Jardan opened their epic new showroom in Perth (seriously, how is this place so goodlooking?!). And now, the home-grown heritage brand has a whole new collection to share.

Informed by the textures and colours of the Australian landscape, the Living Forms collection reinvigorates familiar Jardan classics, and brings a selection of brand new silhouettes to their offering. Organic lines and sculpted forms dominate this sophisticated new line of furniture, comprising plush armchairs, soothing sofas and slick, statement dining sets. It’s a stunning new collection that highlights Australian contemporary living at its best.

Sasha Gattermayr
Supported by Jardan

The Lola armchair, Leeroy sofa, Billie coffee table, Goldie wall light and Leo rug. Photo – James Geer.

The Lola sofa and Freida coffee table. Photo – James Geer.

The Lola armchair, Leeroy sofa, Billie coffee table, Leo rug and Billie bench. Photo – James Geer.

The Freida coffee table, Lola sofa, Ziggy armchairs, Banjo armchair and Stevie Rug. Photo – James Geer.

Murphy dining chairs, Atlas pendant and Otis table. Photo – James Geer.

Pepper side table, Leeroy sofa, Freida coffee table, Dawn pendant, Stevie rug, Lola armchair in mint green and Ziggy armchair. Photo – James Geer.

Murphy dining chairs, Dawn pendant and Otis table. Photo – James Geer.

Left: Floyd coffee table and Marlo modular sofa. Right: Nelly lamp and Otis desk. Photo – James Geer.

The Henry chair, Otis coffee table and Izzy modular sofa. Photo – James Geer.

Left: The Henry chair and Otis side table. Right: Otis table. Photo – James Geer.

Sasha Gattermayr
26th of October 2020

In a year when we have all been required to spend a LOT more time at home, legendary Australian furniture brand Jardan offer a distinct sense of at-home escapism, with this new collection of cosy, enticing contemporary furniture, inspired by the Australian landscape.

Described as a return to place, the new Living Forms collection embraces rounded, sculptural shapes. The proportions of each piece nod to the current trend towards chunky and organic forms, while the tones and textures of the upholstery evoke the muted colours of the Australian landscape.

This combination of curved lines and neutral shades bring a relaxed, calming vibe to the collection, which is also reflected in the material choices. Blonde timber is a consistent finish throughout, as both a subtle touch (the Lola armchair) or a statement feature (the Marlo modular sofa). Textured fabrics and short pile velvet lend further tactility to the collection.

New silhouettes in this collection include the Nelly lamp, a bold new lighting option with a handblown glass orb as the fixture as well as the  Pepper side table, rendered in a glossy 2pac finish, and the Ziggy armchair, which combines muted, textured fabrics with a single-form base made from solid sheets of oak. The Floyd coffee table lends a retro touch, with its coiled timber bases and delicate grey tinted glass top.

‘We drift in and out of spaces forgetting the impact they have or will have on our lives, floating in and out like the memories that in time will take their place,’ says Jardan director, Nick Garnham, of the inspiration behind the collection. ‘The pieces of Living Forms have been designed to be future classics, representing the best of Australian craft, made in the best materials available.’

Keen to see more of Jardan’s ‘Living Form’ collection? Visit the website here.

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