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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This Collingwood Warehouse (And It’s On The Market!)

Last year we took a tour inside the Collingwood house Sarah Dougas shares with her husband, Michael, and their three-year-old daughter, Daisy. Folk Architects had given the apartment a Wonka-worthy makeover a few years before, adding innovative new features like a pastel pink catwalk bridge, and terrazzo kitchen bench to give the former confectionary factory a modern twist.

After 8 years in the house of their dreams, it’s time for a new chapter in the family chronicle, which means this leafy, light-filled warehouse is up for grabs!

Sasha Gattermayr
Supported by Nelson Alexander

The terrazzo tabletop in the kitchen Sarah loves so much! Photo – Tom Blachford.

The perforated pink steel bridge links the front and back of the house to the outside areas. Photo – Tom Blachford.

Pops of pink. Photo – Tom Blachford.

The kitchen and dining space as seen from the upstairs balcony. Photo – Tom Blachford.

A view from the bridge. Photo – Tom Blachford.

Terrazzo details in the bathroom. Photo – Tom Blachford.

The upstairs bathroom. Photo – Tom Blachford.

The master bedroom. Photo – Tom Blachford.

Master bedroom balcony. Photo – Tom Blachford.

Light filters into the master bedroom. Photo – Tom Blachford.

The downstairs courtyard is dripping with ivy! Photo – Courtesy of Nelson Alexander.

Sasha Gattermayr
1st of April 2020

Tasteful warehouse conversions are the stuff of dreams, and are sadly few and far between. But with a central Collingwood location and a clever, modern renovation behind a heritage facade that retains its industrial roots, this apartment is one of the unicorns that gives warehouse conversions such a good reputation.

‘Even though you’re in the hustle and bustle of the inner city it feels quiet and serene,’ Sarah recalls, describing their family home as a little oasis of greenery. ‘It feels like a home, especially considering it wasn’t actually built as one!’ she laughs, adding that while lots of warehouses can be dark with heavy wood and raw brick, the renovation has afforded this beautiful, airy space a rare luminosity.

Three separate outdoor areas are spaced across the apartment with a courtyard, terrace and balcony all offering different vantage points. Folk Architects were careful to retain the genuine industrial feel of the apartment, but still illuminate the space with Sarah and Michael’s personality. Raw brickwork was painted white, a perforated steel staircase sprayed pink, and lush green ivy crawling up the courtyard wall makes the apartment feel as spacious and bright as possible.

The way the house catches light in different parts at different points throughout the day is what Sarah says she’ll miss the most about the property, as well as all the local businesses that are just a stone’s throw away! ‘In the morning you get light through the balcony and into the bedroom, the saw-tooth roof gets the northern sun all day and then in the afternoon it comes in through the courtyard,’ she describes, singling out the generous downstairs bathroom and the outdoor spaces as luxurious details for their kind of property.

With the conversion close to 20 years old, and Sarah and Michael’s renovation only two, this house is now ready for new caretakers. ‘It’s had a few owners over the years who have all added their touches along the way,’ Sarah says. With new custodians comes a new chapter in this building’s long history!

Is this warehouse conversion your dream come true? See the full listing here. Due to new health restrictions, this property is available for inspection by appointment only and will be sold at private sale. Expressions of interest close Monday 27th April at 5pm.

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