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'Weekends' by Kara Rosenlund, A Love Letter To Her Island Home

Step into paradise with travel photographer and stylist Kara Rosenlund! Kara and her husband recently purchased an A-frame shack on Stradbroke Island, off the coast of Queensland, and the weekly ritual of catching the ferry across to there island getaway now shapes the cadence of the couple’s week.

Inspired by the simple pleasure of these weekend escapes, Kara began to document her life on Stradbroke Island – and she’s finally ready to share these moments with us, in her beautiful new book, Weekends!

Sally Tabart

Weekends by Kara Rosenlund is now available for pre-order. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Small treasures in Kara and her husband’s A-frame weekender. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Kara at home with her new book, Weekends. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

A collection of memories! Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

That dreamy Queensland light. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Weekend serenity at Kara Rosenlund’s beach house. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Waking up to dappled light. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Personal notes scrawled over personal images, Weekends is deeply sentimental. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Setting the table. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Perfect prawn sandwich – an art perfected by Kara Rosenlund! Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Collaged pages from Weekends with Kara’s personal photographs from Stradbroke Island. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Surf’s up. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Kara with some of her stunning images – available to purchase via her print shop. Photo – Kara Rosenlund.

Sally Tabart
26th of November 2019

Photographer and stylist Kara Rosenlund and her husband Tim have created a pretty dreamy life in Stradbroke Island! After purchasing the sweetest little dream beach house on the island, weekends are now spent with the gentle ritual of catching a ferry over from Brisbane to their 1970s A-frame property. We’ve been dying to get a glimpse of this coastal gem, and wit the release of Kara’s new book, Weekends, we finally get to see this heavenly home in all its glory.

The simple beauty of this nostalgic beach shack has prompted the couple to embrace simple pleasures – swimming in the sea, taking time to make a perfect prawn sandwich, hanging the washing on the line to dry in the Queensland sun. She explains, ‘these weekends started to remind me of the weekends I grew up knowing, quintessential Australian weekends from a simpler time.’

Inspired by these new routines, Kara began photographing small moments as part of her day, which is how this special new book was brought to life. Part scrapbook, part photo album, Weekends is Kara’s most personal endeavour yet.  She explains, ‘because the book came from a very sentimental origin, I continued with that narrative, so it only made sense for it to be deeply personal!’ Peppered throughout the soft-bound book are Kara’s handwritten notes, photographs, collages, a couple of special recipes, and an ode to iconic Australian photographer Olive Cotton. Guiding readers through her photographic process, Kara shows us how to develop an artist’s eye with the camera.

Weekends emphasises the joy of lazy summer weekends, of sun-drenched days and sandy feet and salty hair and small pleasures. Kara explains ‘I hope the book brings a sense of joy and freedom and shines light on enjoying the simpler things in life. The small things are often the big things!’

Weekends will be released on Thursday November 28th. You can preorder it here. Kara has also released a special series of prints from the pages of Weekends. Click here for more info!

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