An Architect’s Beachside Oasis In Byron!

Architects are known to be a detail-oriented bunch. After all, they’re responsible for the nitty gritty of home design – door details, window details, lighting plans…. but it’s not often that we stumble across a home where the architect has designed not only every detail in the house – but also the furniture in it!

This Ibiza-inspired coastal escape is the holiday home of architect Daniel Boddam. A man of many talents!

Lucy Feagins
Supports The Design Files

The home of architect and interior designer Daniel Boddam, built by TK Constructions. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

The palm tree captures the coastal vibe! Photo – Andy Macpherson.

Photographer Kelly Geddes and architect and furniture designer Daniel Boddam.  Photo – Andy Macpherson.

The renovations create new connections between the inside and outside. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

A new courtyard! Photo – Andy Macpherson.

The Malibu Dining Table, in the spacious and bright living room. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

A simple and elegant kitchen. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

Photo – Andy Macpherson.

Malibu side table in an earthy tone against the bright white room. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

Sink into the C-Kelly Chair in this delightful lounge room! Photo – Andy Macpherson.

These sheer curtains let the light in. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

Pull up a seat in the C-Malibu Chair. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

The entire ground floor was reconfigured in these renovations. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

The Wave Bed with a Malibu side table. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

Bathroom details. Photo – Andy Macpherson.

Photo – Andy Macpherson.

Lucy Feagins
7th of November 2019

Architect Daniel Boddam explains that this holiday home was designed to be a ‘calm, coastal oasis where we can feel relaxed and inspired.’ Daniel is no stranger to creating his own spaces, having previously designed his own apartments in both Potts Point and Bondi. For this project, he really upped the ante, custom-designing all the furniture!

The home is guided by references picked up on Daniel’s travels – predominantly Ibiza – as he wanted it to ‘evoke a bohemian spirit of travel and adventure which is also relevant to Bryon Bay.’ The project began with a ‘full gut renovation’, where the garage was divided in two to create a new reading room/study. The kitchen and dining rooms were opened up and relocated to welcome in the natural light, and make the most of the surrounding views. Upstairs, the space was reconfigured to add an additional bedroom (from 2 to 3) with built-ins, a generous bathroom, and a wine cellar.

The renovations also included introducing a new perimeter wall that creates an internal courtyard, connecting the living room and new reading room/study. The garden feels thoroughly tropical with blooming bougainvillea and plenty of lawn for lounging. So Byron! The rear of the home is open-plan and faces out to a re-landscaped area, densely planted with low-level succulents. Daniel highlights ‘every room has a green backdrop where the sights and sounds of the natural environment are invited in.’

What really brings this home to life, though, is Daniel’s new furniture collection, titled Coast – inspired by ‘travel, adventures, and freedom.’ This home renovation was, in fact, the catalyst for Daniel’s collection, which includes an indoor sun lounger (Kelly chair) and  a set of tables at three different sizes that re-interpret the classic shape of the surfboard (Malibu Tables), alongside elegantly simple wall scones, a pendant light, bed, sofas and easy chair. Check out the range online, for your own little piece of this beautiful home!

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