Shifting Time And Space With Jasmine Mansbridge

Jasmine Mansbridge is an artist who currently lives in the Western District of Victoria, but grew up living in many remote corners of Australia. The artist has also worked as a paint mixer, teachers assistant and parole officer – and brings these rich and varied experiences to her art practice.

On the eve of Jasmine’s new exhibition Your Time For The Moon opening, we take a tour through her abstract, geometric works, that offer an exploration of portals across time and space.

Sally Tabart

Artist Jasmine Mansbridge will open her latest exhibition, ‘Your Time For The Moon’, on Saturday, August 24th. Photo – Georgie Mann.

‘YOUR TURN FOR THE MOON’ by Jasmine Mansbridge. Photo – Georgie Mann.

‘HOMAGE TO TIME (JOSEF ALBERS)’ by Jasmine Mansbridge. Photo – Georgie Mann.

Jasmine with her body of work. Photo – Georgie Mann.

Left: ‘THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT’ by Jasmine Mansbridge. Right: ‘CLEOPATRA’S PORTAL’ by Jasmine Mansbridge. Photo – Georgie Mann.

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