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The Best Of Australian Furniture Design

We’re diving deep into the TDF Design Awards again today, with a closer look at the Furniture Design shortlist!

We received an unbelievable 79 entries in this category – now whittled down to just 12 finalists. Read on below for the best in show, with winners and commendations soon to be selected by judges Richard Munao, Adam Goodrum and Grazia Materia.

Lucy Feagins
The Furniture Design award is presented by nau

Cameron Foggo, Bureau SofaPhoto – Jack Wallace.

Fomu Design, Odie Chair.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Lucy Feagins
29th of July 2019

Cameron Foggo, Bureau Sofa

Influenced by mid-century design, this sofa plays with the juxtaposition of soft and hard elements. The severe steel rail and fine frame supports relaxed feather cushioning. The sofa is designed to fit within Cameron Foggo’s existing body of work, as a timeless piece to last a life time.

Fomu Design, Odie Chair

With the look of a handcrafted piece, this stackable chair by Fomu Design cleverly makes use of CNC technology to minimise timber wastage and maximise comfort and visual appeal. The chair plays with the expressive nature of art and the practicality of design, to create something equally functional and beautiful. The solid American oak chair is constructed from timber components of equal thickness, which limits wastage and creates a consistent and cohesive design.

Nick Rennie Studio, Wyrie Table.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Daniel Poole, Freshwater Dining Table. Photo – Jonathon Revill,

Nick Rennie Studio, Wyrie Table

Responding to a brief from Artedomus, this dining table by Nick Rennie Studio is made of Elba stone and incredibly, is manufactured without any form of fixings, screws, glues or pins. The design is directly informed by a sense of responsibility to the material, which is millions of years old. The resolved design draws on the strength of the marble, using the stability of the legs to balance the top.

Daniel Poole, Freshwater Dining Table

Constructed from Rock Maple, this refined design was specifically created for an AuHaus project in Fresh Water, and uses advanced manufacturing techniques. The design required highly technical production from Daniel Poole, to maintain structural integrity for the 3.5m x 1.1m table, while maintaining a sleek profile.

Softer Studio, Clearer Coffee Table. Photo – supplied by Softer Studio.

LEFT: Pop & Scott, The Lou Alto. Photo – Jessica Tremp. RIGHT: Bern Chandley, CoCo Armchair. Photo – supplied by Bern Chandley.

Softer Studio, Clearer Coffee Table

A material exploration of timber and glass, this coffee table exemplifies Softer Studio’s edgy personality. The object is part of Softer’s recent experimentation with different materials, and the outcome is a toughened glass top and shelf, sitting on a timber base. The design pursues a sleek, mature aesthetic, but still captures the inventive character of the studio.

Pop & Scott, The Lou Alto

Paying homage to mid-century simplicity, this Pop and Scott collection aligns modern Australian lifestyle with classic form, realised in sustainable local timbers. All Pop and Scott furniture is crafted by hand in their Melbourne workshop.

Bern Chandley Furniture, CoCo Armchair

Bern Chandley Furniture presents a contemporary Australian take on the iconic Continuous Arm Windsor Chair. This piece plays with the limit of form, to create a durable and balanced functional object. The chair is produced through a mix of steambent and handshaped timber curves. The design highlights and enhances the inherent strength of natural timber.



Koskela, LEARN. Photo – supplied by Koskela

Jardan, Arte Table Range. Photo – James Geer. 

Koskela, Learn

Koskela present a new concept in primary school furniture that reinforces the significance of engaging children and teaching staff in an interactive environment for learning. The range includes desks, whiteboards, screen and ottoman and floor cushion, and is informed by biophilic design. The items are designed to allow spaces for collaboration, presentation and breakout to accommodate different student and teacher needs.

Jardan, Arte Table Range

Jardan have created a collection of furniture made with family, design, Australian identity and sustainability in mind, inspired by Australian artists.  The Arte dining table sits at the core of this collection, with stunning leg detail that challenges normal construction methods and required experimentation and labour-intensive craftsmanship. As a Certified Carbon Neutral organisation, Jardan are committed to waste reduction, and environmentally friendly materials and practices.

Tom Fereday for King Living, ETO Desk. Photo – Joseph Romano.

LEFT: Ross Thompson, Gentlemans Wardrobe. Photo – Tess Kelly. RIGHT: Dean Norton, Moodlum. Photo – Lisa Cohen. Styling – Bree Leech.

Tom Fereday for King Living, ETO Desk

This striking desk by Tom Fereday is a unified design that considers how people live and work today, by integrating power, wireless lighting and charging accessories. This sleek workstation offers interchangeable lighting and charging accessories integrated into its striking contemporary design.

Dean Norton, Moodlum

A timeless and minimalist furniture collection from Dean Norton, where contemporary design meets traditional spinning and hand crafting techniques. The designer drew upon his 10 years as an interior designer to create a cohesive range of minimalist furniture. Incredibly, across the collection of the leaning shelf, coffee table, side table and two wall mirrors; there are no visible fixings.

Ross Thompson, Gentleman’s Wardrobe

An elegant statement piece by Ross Thompson that takes a wardrobe storage unit beyond its pure practical function, into the realm of a sophisticated design object. The hand cut dovetailed cabinet is traditionally fitted with dovetailed drawers, and counter balanced by contemporary fine tapered legs. Ross works with proportion and balance to create a statement piece that works as part of the architecture of a home.

The TDF Design Awards Interior Design award is presented by nau design.

nau is a contemporary Australian design brand, offering furniture, lighting and accessories by a collective of Australia’s most curious, talented and spirited designers. The nau collection is reductive in form, honest in materiality and timeless in style, with designs suitable for residential and commercial spaces. Discover nau here.


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