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The Brightest Lights In Australian Design

Last week we announced the shortlisted entries in the running for our inaugural The Design Files Design Awards prizes! Ahead of the winners and commendations being announced in September, we will be spotlighting the finalists in each category over the coming weeks – a handy directory for the cream of the crop in Australian design!

This afternoon we’re showcasing nine captivating lighting designs, shortlisted from 24 entrants. Next up, accomplished local lighting designers Christopher Boots and Kate Stokes of Coco Flip have the hard task of selecting a winner – looking closely at criteria including originality, visual appeal, craftsmanship, function, sustainability, and visionary thinking. But we’d also love to hear, which designs spark your interest !?

Lucy Feagins

Milligram, FORM. Photo –Nathan Davis.

Lucy Feagins
11th of July 2019

Milligram Studio + One Design Office, Form

Strongly connected to primary forms, this cast aluminium lighting collection by Milligram Studio in collaboration with One Design Office is a joyful expression of the studio’s identity, with a nostalgic slant. It is suitable as a task or ambient solution, and individually or grouped.

LEFT: Sarah Nedovic, Ceramic Lamps. Photo – Lauren Bamford. Styling – Stephanie Stamatis. RIGHT: Joslin Koolen, Illuminated Lines. Photo – Qi Shen.

Sarah Nedovic, Ceramic Lamps

This sculptural handcrafted ceramic lamp series by Melbourne based Sarah Nedovic is designed to celebrate the handcrafted element of each unique piece, highlighting marks made from the designer’s hands and sculpting tools.

Joslin Koolen, Illuminated Lines

Coupling timeless neutral tones with statement form, this bespoke lights-and-planters installation by Adelaide based designer Joslin Koolen was a first-time, family project.

Nick Rennie, Sway Lamp. Photo – courtesy of Nick Rennie.

Nick Rennie, Sway Lamp

An innovative cordless design by respected Melbourne furniture and lighting designer Nick Rennie for Made by Pen, this interactive lamp is weighted and balanced to gently sway if knocked! Suitable for indoors or out, it offers a variety of light intensities and colours, and is designed to be interactive through touch and movement, but also to remain beautiful when standing still.

LEFT: Zachary Hanna, Trapeze. Photo – Sarah Spilsbury. RIGHT: Apparentt, Esteem Floor Lamp. Photo – Albert Comper.

Zachary Hanna, Trapeze

Neither a sconce or a pendant, this multifunctional and freely turning lamp by Sydney based designer Zachary Hanna can function as both. Inspired by iconic utilitarian, minimalist designs, its clever form was driven by investigations into mechanics and physics.

Apparentt, Esteem Floor Lamp

Showcasing perfected timber steam-bending techniques, this minimal-waste piece by Melbourne based husband-and-wife design duo Apparentt brings intriguing materiality to a sleek silhouette.

Anna Charlesworth, 3x Flower Arcs. Photo – Robert Blackburn.


Anna Charlesworth, Flower Arcs

Inspired by the loose, cartoonish florals of the 1970s, combined with sea urchin forms, this design by Melbourne designer and metalworker Anna Charlesworth offers a visual sense of abundance, casting warm light in all directions.

LEFT: Ross Gardam, Hemera Desk Lamp. Photo – Sean Fennessy. Styling – Natalie Turnbull. RIGHT: Ross Gardam, Nebulae Chandelier Collection. Photo – Hayden Cattach.

Ross Gardam, Hemera Desk Lamp

Fashioned in Elba marble, this sleek design by Melbourne lighting designer Ross Gardam was commissioned by Artedomus for their New Volumes collection, and seeks to appear as if the stone is emitting light naturally. It references classical construction techniques, while paying homage to Brutalist legacy.


Ross Gardam, Nebulae Chandelier Collection

A decorative chandelier featuring glass discs in an array of unique finishes and textures, this design, also by Ross Gardam, casts and refracts dynamic luminescence, and allows for modular connection to fill any interior space.


ALL the info on shortlisted entrants in all categories, as well as info on prizes, judges and judging criteria can be found over at the TDF Design Awards website!

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