A Sydney Renovation With Serious WOW Factor

The traditional Australian chorus of ‘under the shade of a coolibah tree’ has been replaced with a centennial Peppertree, for this Luigi Rosselli Architects renovation in Bellevue Hill.

The Peppertree was the meeting place for two neighbours, who traded notes on botany and architecture – and it was here that the owner of the Oculi House recommended their architect, who had transformed their property. From here, Luigi Rosselli was engaged to renovate the Peppertree Villa, and give the 1920s home a fresh lease on life. (And a hot contender for the best staircase we have featured this year!)

Miriam McGarry
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Mediterranean classical in the Peppertree Villa by Luigi Rosselli Architects. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Classical grandeur with all of mod-cons. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

A grand entrance. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

The renovation increased the connection between the inside and outdoors. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

A verdant path to the pool. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Light and spacious interiors. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Ready for a dinner party. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

The interior architect worked closely with his fashion designer client to bring the space to life. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Dining room details. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Serene and characterful rooms. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Rich marble and dark wood kitchen details. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Kitchen details. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

The sweeping staircase! Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

A hovering spiral. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Rich textures in every corner. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

A heavenly bath set up! Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Luxe leather seat and vibrant marble. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

A pop of pink in the bathroom. Photo – Prue Ruscoe.

Miriam McGarry
22nd of July 2019

Under the shade of a centennial Peppertree, the owners of The Oculi House and the Peppertree Villa discussed their adjacent properties, that were nestled under the tree’s canopy. It seems only appropriate then, that these two residences, connected by Peppertree limbs, have each now undergone an elegant renovation by Luigi Rosselli.

The Peppertree Villa is a 1920s property, designed following a Mediterranean classicism style that was popular in Australia in the inter-war period. Luigi Rosselli architects explain that the classicism in this Villa was expressed through ‘a grand entry loggia, portico to the side of the house, and magnificent fireplaces and well-proportioned rooms.’

The renovations aimed to retain the classical grandeur, while introducing an improved flow between the living spaces, and connecting the interiors with a new garden. The architects also created a new basement garage, attic room, and backyard swimming pool.

The re-design also incorporated a new staircase to connect two new levels to the rest of the home, and create a welcoming invitation to ‘ascend to the bedroom on the upper floors.’ The new staircase carves a swirl of movement into the home, and the architects describe the striking design as a ‘suspended sculptural ribbon, entirely detached from the walls of the stairwell.’ The illusion of lightness and suspension was so convincing that architect Luigi had to ‘jump up and down on the treads to convince both the client and builder of its strength and stability!’

The client for the Peppertree Villa is a renowned fashion designer, who was directly involved in workshopping all aspects of design with the architects and interior designer Romaine Alwill. The interiors extend the home’s Mediterranean influence, with polished plaster, brass metalwork, and bronze finishes. The connection between indoor and outdoor is also enhanced in the re-design, with new windows that look out to the new Myles Baldwin designed garden, and frame the Peppertree. It stands ‘casting a soft, dappled light across the walls and grounds of this villa reborn.’ A home with deep roots!

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