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You Might Want To Move Into Courtney Adamo's Cubby

We all love a good tiny home around here. Okay, so this is technically a cubby house, but come on! We’re almost considering taking out a lease on this incredible Castle & Cubby structure, tailor-made for Courtney Adamo’s gorgeous family in Bangalow, NSW.

Over the last five years Castle & Cubby co-founders Kellie Macpherson and Jon Stones have been growing their business to create joyful, practical and inspiring cubby houses for kids and, let’s face it, their grown-ups! We take a closer look at this eco-friendly playhouse that is sure to inspire magical memories for many years to come.

Sally Tabart

Ivy and Quin Adamo in their new Castle & Cubby playhouse. Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

Baby Wilkie! Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

The Adamo family cubby house is Castle & Cubby’s Apple Crate cubby with cafe windows, bench seating, and an internal kitchen. Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

‘I would only trust Castle & Cubby to put an object directly out our kitchen window – it looks like the perfect extension of our home, and we love it so much!’ says Courtney! Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

Planter boxes for herbs and flowers were placed around the cubby. Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

Castle & Cubby made sure the cubby was appropriate for all the Adamo kids, from toddlers to teenagers. Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

Janene from Love to Grow giving the kids some tips on organic gardening and companion planting. Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

Wilkie in the cubby. Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

Ivy and Marlow asked for a play kitchen, which Castle & Cubby were able to accommodate. Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

Marlow in the kitchen! Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

Courtney asked Kellie to add the slide for the little kids. Photo – Amelia Fullarton.

Sally Tabart
10th of May 2019

After Castle & Cubby co-founder Kellie Macpherson and entrepreneur Courtney Adamo met at a Hello Lunch Lady event in Byron Bay last year, the two hatched a plan to make use of a quiet corner of their garden with a custom cubby for Courtney’s five kids. The cubby needed to satisfy the whole Adamo squad, from toddlers to teenagers, as well as blend in aesthetically with the pared back family home (more on that here!).

‘With a lifestyle centred around enriching childhood experiences, we needed to create a unique space for the kids to call their own, a space to harbour their dreams, spark their imaginations, and to share with friends’, explains Castle & Cubby co-founder Kellie Macpherson of the Adamo brief. The result is a robust, multifaceted and cleverly designed cubby house with a little something for everyone!

When coming up with the concepts for the Adamo family, Kellie and her business partner Jon focused on ‘increasing the size of the space, creating zones, and fun functions that would be appealing to the different ages of their five children’. Using a Castle & Cubby Apple Crate Cubby House as a base, Kellie and Jon added accessories like cafe windows, bench seating, and an internal kitchen (a specific request from Ivy and Marlow Adamo). The cubby was made extra tall accommodate the height of the older kids and adults, and for the little kids added a custom-built platform extension adjacent to the cubby with a high-quality fiberglass slide. Inspired by Michael’s avid gardening, the family were keen to incorporate planter boxes filled with herbs and flowers surrounding the main structure. ‘We have created a whole organic play space, not just a cubby,’ Kellie says of the final result, ‘every product in the Adamo space is totally untreated, free of chemicals and completely safe for the kids and the soil.’

We’re endlessly inspired by Courtney’s approach to family life and entrepreneurship, so it’s worth mentioning her latest business venture, an ambitious project that will see her no doubt benefitting from the little extra peace and quiet this new cubby will provide! The Loop is a subscription-based five week e-course centred around a range of different lifestyle topics (Family, Home, Food, Travel & Lifestyle) each week. The program is due to kick off very soon, on May 20th – find out more here.

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