Dowel Jones Does Geelong!

Geelong might initially seem like an unusual choice for the latest contemporary design showroom, but for Melbourne’s favourite wunderkind designers Dowel Jones, it’s the perfect spot.

After relocating their warehouse and factory from Preston to Geelong earlier this year, co-founders Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman have set up shop in a space attached to much-loved local arts hub, Boom Gallery.


Miriam McGarry

The first bricks-and-mortar space of Dowel Jones, featuring the Sir Burly stool. Artwork: Mickey Egan Arcadian Relic #3. Photo – courtesy of Dowel Jones.

A new location with trademark design flair… including the chairs from their Hurdle Family, and the King Dome light. Photo – courtesy of Dowel Jones.

Warm sunlight floods the showroom. Sister Chair and Sofa, and Simon Says Coffee Table (Round). Artwork: Ellie Malin Two Cities III. Photo – courtesy of Dowel Jones.

As part of the Boom Gallery site, visitors can move between the spaces. Artwork: Ellie Malin City Arch. Photo – courtesy of Dowel Jones.

Primary colours pop in the Geelong outpost. Artwork: Ellie Malin Two Cities III. Photo – courtesy of Dowel Jones.

Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman of Dowel Jones. Photo – courtesy of Dowel Jones.

Sink into an armchair at the new Geelong showroom. Dowel Jones’ Sister Chairs and Bradley Hooper table. Artwork: Sally StokesWe Shake With Joy. Photo – courtesy of Dowel Jones.

Through the yellow archway to design heaven. 1/5 Thimble Stool. Photo – courtesy of Dowel Jones.

Miriam McGarry
5th of November 2018

After well-and-truly establishing themselves as one of the most innovative and exciting young design brands in Melbourne (…and the world, in our opinion!) Dowel Jones have packed up their business and relocated to Geelong (aka home, for one-half of the duo, Adam Lynch). The move was sparked by a change of warehouse and factory location, and Dale Hardiman explains, ‘it made sense for us to move closer to where production is happening.’

This showroom is both a shift from online to IRL, and from capital city to regional centre. Dale explains ‘opening up a physical space has always felt like a natural progression for us, to create a permanent space and home for Dowel Jones.’ The flagship store offers the opportunity for visitors to ‘sink into a Sister Lounge Chair’ and ‘understand its size, tactility and comfort’ he explains. While the pair acknowledge the power of the internet to share their work, and sell to clients all over the globe, it is hard for a laptop or phone screen to communicate how your shoulders instantly relax when you sink into a well designed chair!

The flagship shares a space with Boom Gallery, who the Dowel Jones team had been in conversation with for years about the potential of a site collaboration. Dale explains, ‘the shop is connected to Boom Gallery and their cafe, so we see our space not as just a showroom but as a bigger part of a community.’  This connection between the spaces is further facilitated by the two arched doorways Dowel Jones inserted, which open up the space and create an easy flow across the entire site.

Dale highlights that the move to Geelong has offered the opportunity to ‘slow down, rather than speeding through before or after work or during meetings.’ Unsurprisingly, the fit-out of the flagship space is exactly as refined, inventive and playful as we have come to expect from the design duo.

If a quick jaunt to Geelong isn’t accessible for you – fear not! Dale assures us that a new, central location in Melbourne is on the cards for 2019. The busy team also have their annual sample sale on November 17 (put it in your diaries!) and the launch of a new project New Model on December 1. Stay tuned for more – but for now, join Dowel Jones for their flagship opening in Geelong on November 10th.

Dowel Jones Flagship Opening
November 10, 5-8pm
9 Rutland Street
VIC, 3220
All welcome, refreshments provided

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