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Could This Be Australia's Most Beautiful, Original Mid Century Home?

We know, it’s a bold question… But Patricia Callan and Pete Bakacs, the MCM gurus over at Modernist Australia, put it to us when they introduced the ‘Gascoigne House’, and we have to agree that this home is definitely a contender!

MA lead us on a tour of this 1969 Theo Bischoff-built residence, originally commissioned by renowned Australian artist Rosalie Gascoigne and her husband, astronomy professor Ben Gascoigne, in the Canberra suburb of Pearce.

Patricia Callan and Pete Bakacs

Designed in 1969 by Theo Bischoff, the ‘Gascoigne House’ was originally designed for artist Rosalie Gascoigne and her professor of astronomy husband Ben Gascoigne. Photo – Kasey Funnell.

This incredible mid-century home is ahead of its time! Photo – Kasey Funnell.

Modernist architecture experts Patricia Callan and Pete Bakacs of Modernist Australia deem this house to be one of the best they’ve encountered! Photo – Kasey Funnell.

Modern details in this mid-century home. Photo – Kasey Funnell.

The kitchen. Photo – Kasey Funnell.

Living room details. Photo – Kasey Funnell.

The home has been immaculately cared for over the last 50 years. Photo – Kasey Funnell.

Bedroom with a view! Photo – Kasey Funnell.

Details of the bathroom. Photo – Kasey Funnell.

‘This residence sits at the nexus of excellence where all are concerned’, says Patricia and Pete. Photo – Kasey Funnell.

Patricia Callan
Pete Bakacs
6th of July 2018

Intimidating and breathtaking, we cower in its wake. Could this be one of the most beautiful, original, pedigree MCM homes in the entire country?

From one of the best practitioners Modernist Canberra has to offer in Theo Bischoff, it was built as a commission for a power couple of formidable minds: renowned artist Rosalie Gascoigne and her professor of astronomy husband Ben Gascoigne in 1969.

This residence sits at the nexus of excellence where all are concerned.

It is particularly astounding how so very current this middle-aged, immaculately constructed and cared for home really is. Should someone suggest it was built by a headlining architectural firm say, last year, few would question that statement. And that, dear friends, is the Modernist creative vision so impeccably devised that it sustains its owners (and wows its admirers) over five decades with light, air, aspect, craftsmanship… and still looks brand new.

A soul-affirming built environment at a level of sublime so heightened most of us cannot dream it exists in order to wish for it ourselves.

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