Coastal Pavilions, Freycinet Lodge

You might have noticed, if you follow us on Instagram, that I (Lucy!) recently spent a blissful weekend away on the East Coast of Tasmania, in Freycinet National Park.

I was incredibly lucky to stay at the Coastal Pavilions, Freycinet Lodge – a brand new development of nine architecturally designed private pavilions on the water’s edge, set amongst impossibly beautiful natural surroundings.

Today, I’m sharing a little tour of this very special new accommodation offering in the Apple Isle!

Lucy Feagins

Can you spot the pavilions!? The new Coastal Pavilions, designed by Liminal Studio,at Freycinet Lodge. Photo – Dianna Snape.

The curved forms of the pavilions reference the curvaceous forms of the surrounding natural coastal landscape, whilst seamless glass panels provide an immersive experience for guests. Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge, designed by Liminal Studio. Photo – Dianna Snape.

Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge, designed by Liminal Studio. Photo – Dianna Snape.

Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge, designed by Liminal Studio. Photo – Dianna Snape.

Master bedroom, Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge, designed by Liminal Studio. Photo – Dianna Snape.

Lucy Feagins and Minnie at the serenely beautiful Friendly Beaches, just a short drive from the Freycinet Lodge. Photo – Gordon Johnson.

Crystal clear water at Freycinet Lodge. Photo – Lucy Feagins.

Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge, designed by Liminal Studio. Photo – Dianna Snape.

Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge, designed by Liminal Studio. Photo – Dianna Snape.

Lucy Feagins
14th of June 2018

I don’t get out of Melbourne much on the weekends. Whilst the majority of our team here at TDF are avid campers and weekend road trippers, for my own little family, weekends are usually spent within 2 kilometres of our house! What can I say.. sometimes that just seems *easier* when you have a toddler…!

So, when an opportunity came to visit the Coastal Pavilions, a new luxury accommodation development in Freycinet, Tasmania, well, it was too exciting to pass up. We travelled down to Tassie last month and had the most amazing experience.

Brought to life by renowned Tasmanian tourism developer Brett Torossi (a lady, not a bloke), these nine brand new pavilions extend the existing accomodation offering at Freycinet Lodge – albeit ramped up a few notches! Designed by Hobart-based architecture and design firm Liminal Studio, these self contained contemporary structures are breathtaking in their design and immersive connection to the landscape. Each pavilion has its own private deck along with almost seamless curved glass windows, making you really feel like you’re sleeping under the stars (almost!).

Liminal Studio’s design approach was, inevitably, inspired by the natural geology and coastline of this unique part of Australia. ‘With its pink-orange granite mountains and breath taking coastline, Freycinet National Park is one of the oldest National Parks and most visited places in Tasmania’ architect Peta Heffernan explains. ‘We drew design inspiration from the fluid forms of the nearby bays and layered coastal granite rock formations, while playing homage to the character of the National Park they nestle into.’

Incredibly, the construction of the nine new pavilions took just seven months. Like any development in a remote location, though, the project wasn’t without its challenges. Being located within a national park, the design and construction process needed to be handled very sensitively.  A rigorous construction management plan was required to minimise disturbance to local flora and fauna. The pavilions were prefabricated off site, assembled in modules and carried into place by hand, as no cranes, large machines or heavy vehicles could gain access to the individual sites. (WHAT!?) Aside from this, a distinct absence of right angles (!) and handcrafted detailing required an incredibly dedicated construction team. Liminal Studio found that in builders Cordwell Lane. ‘The skill of the builders to achieve the meticulous detailing required, reminds us of what true craftsmanship is’ Peta concludes.

The Coastal Pavilions have been a long-term passion project for tourism developer Brett Torossi, with site owners RACT. ‘We wanted to create a new and contemporary experience for our guests’ she explains. ‘The development was about providing an immersive experience for our guests. Connecting them to the sky, sea, rocks, trees and animals in a close-up, unconventional space that was grounded in the beautiful Freycinet Peninsula.’

There’s a distinct sense that everyone involved in this project is very much invested in its outcome. For Brett, a deep connection to the Freycinet region has guided her management of this very special project. ‘Once Freycinet gets under your skin, well that is it, it has you forever’ she muses. ‘Apart from the surreal beauty of the place, the ever-changing light, the glorious night sky, about 10 years ago I attended a leadership conference at the Lodge and met a wonderful man. We have been together ever since. It is a place of magic and intriguing energy’.

The Coastal Pavilions, Freycinet Lodge are located within Freycinet National Park, on Tasmania’s East Coast, around a two and a half hour drive from Hobart. More info and bookings here.

Lucy and family travelled as guests of Coastal Pavilions, Freycinet Lodge.

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