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Top Podcasts to Listen To This Week · Round III


Our super stylist, Natalie Turnbull, is always on the go. If she’s not sourcing items for whatever shoot concept we throw at her, she’s collecting props, dropping them back, running between shoots or co-ordinating her own busy freelance schedule.

Listening to podcasts gives Nat the opportunity to slow down and focus on a story or connect with a human experience, when she’s going at a million miles an hour.

4th December, 2017

TDF stylist Natalie Turnbull. Photo – Amelia Stanwix.

Photography – Amelia Stanwix.

Sally Tabart
Monday 4th December 2017

‘ I do a lot of driving while sourcing for different jobs, and podcasts are a great way to use this time. I love that I can learn about all different topics and stories,’ explains Stylist and Art Director Nat Turnbull.

Capitalising on travel time is a running theme in this podcast series (see Emma and Fiona’s contributions over the last couple of weeks), and it makes sense. Our hands and brains are always busy doing something, and driving is just about the only time we can’t constantly be checking our notifications.

‘I find myself concentrating less and less because of social media!’ says Nat, ‘podcasts are great long-form media that I really engage with. They allow you to stay enthralled for longer and learn while on the go in our modern day, busy lives.’

While many people use podcasts to acquire news and information, there are also those that listen in the same way that they might watch movies or television – to engage with a narrative-driven story. ‘I mix it up, but really enjoy podcasts that are inspiring and give you an insight into someone else’s life,’ Nat tells us.

Find Nat’s pick of her favourite podcasts below:


‘Following more of a narrative structure, S-Town reveals a real-life mystery played out in real time. It is the most beautiful story about so many different things, but mostly the soft and hard details of one man’s life. ‘



‘This podcast is great because it is really about modern experiences of love. Not so much the traditional kind, but often the unconventional or uncelebrated, and read by actors or well known people.’ 

Modern Love


‘This is such an amazing resource for all things design, architecture, innovative ideas and culture. I always learn something unexpected and really interesting!’

99% Invisible

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