A Cleverly Updated Queenslander

We do love a classic Queenslander! This cleverly updated one belongs to Andrew Nehill, Angela Pratt and their two kids Rosie (12 yrs) and Lottie (11 yrs).

The family have been here 11 years, but undertook major renovations last year, with the assistance of Brisbane design firm Wrightson Stewart.

Lucy Feagins
Supported by Dulux

‘Our previous kitchen was tiny and couldn’t even fit a dishwasher,’ tells Andrew. ‘It’s a luxury to have appliances that work and space to store stuff.’ They love the simplicity of the space and the bench seat which makes it more of a social spot. Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.

The living room features a huge in-built lounge, with enough room for three people to lie out full length. Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.


Kitchen details. ‘We were really keen on having a tiled benchtop and love the result on the island bench,’ tells Andrew. Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.

Looking from the living room across to the kitchen. The bank of widows above the kitchen adds to the already excessive amounts of light and airflow in the space. Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.

The hallway looking from the front door through to living/dining/kitchen and out to the back deck. ‘The shelves, gallery walls and track lighting make this a really beautiful space for books and art,’ details Andrew. Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.

Andrew Nehill, Angela Pratt and their daughters Lottie (11) and Rosie (12), as well as the family’s dog Ted. Photo – Mindi Cooke.

The dining area, with full length louvres that open the whole space up to the park, and a banquette/media unit cleverly separating zones. Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.

The former family bathroom has been renovated into an ensuite. The tile pattern and joinery ties with the rest of the house. ‘It’s the same palette of materials used throughout the new and old parts of the house – kitchen, bathroom, study, hallway and living spaces,’ tells Andrew. ‘This was a really hard space to get the floor plan right, but the result has been fantastic with plenty of built in storage and wide expanses of tiles (and no glass shower screen). Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.

The main bedroom. Old silver aluminium bay windows were replaced with wooden casements and blush upholstery was used for the seat to create a beautiful, calm nook. Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.

The family enjoying the flowering jacaranda tree in their backyard. Photo – Mindi Cooke.

‘We always wanted the addition to be a contemporary black box – we love the colour and the battening over the window which references old fibro shacks but also provides some privacy to the street’. Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.

Front exterior. ‘We wanted to respect the original house –pare it back to its bones and, in doing so, restore its dignity after years of maltreatment. We also wanted any addition to be distinctly modern and architectural but not to have unnecessary detail nor dominate the original structure,’ says Andrew. ‘We love how the addition is striking but recedes to let the original house stand up-front.’ Styling – Lynda Evans. Photo – Kylie Hood.

Lucy Feagins
1st of November 2017

This beautifully renovated Queensland home belongs to Andrew Nehill and Angela Pratt, and their two kids Rosie (12 yrs) and Lottie (11 yrs).  The family have been here 11 years, but only undertook major renovations in late 2016 ‘Although we expected to renovate within 12 months, it took us 10 years to start (!) and by that time, the house was very, very tired and practically falling down around us.’ Andrew recalls. After moving out for just seven months whilst the works were completed, the family returned home in April 2017 with a new appreciation for their old/new house!

The recent extension and renovation was carried out by Brisbane interior design firm Wrightson Stewart. The existing four room cottage has been significantly extended, with a clean, contemporary new addition that connects sympathetically to the existing residence, and maximises the use of the double-block.

The original house now houses the main bedroom, ensuite, study and 2nd living space, whilst the extension contains a new entryway, hallway, two bedrooms, bathroom, living/dining, kitchen and deck.

‘The renovations took us from a three bedroom house to a three bedroom house, but that is all we need!’ explains Andrew. ‘We are planning on this being our family home with spaces to grow into as the girls grow up. We preferred to allocate the space to living space that we will use, rather than unused bedrooms.

Inside, the rooms are compact but versatile, featuring beautiful custom designed joinery and built in furniture, which maximise space. For instance, he media unit is neatly housed within  the back of the banquette.

‘We love the built in joinery’ says Andrew. ‘It ties the new and old parts of the house together, with consistent materials through the kitchen, living, dining, hall, study and bathrooms’.

Angela is also an avid reader and wanted lots of space for books. As a result, book shelves weave through almost every room maximising every inch of space – under the lounge, under the banquette, and in the media unit. ‘Our budget didn’t allow for a dedicated library, but the living area is now one giant library, and books are all around but don’t dominate the space’ Andrew explains. ‘It’s nice to have lots of storage after having none for the past 11 years!’.

It’s clear Andrew and Angela are still in the ‘honeymoon’ phase after moving in to their newly renovated home, and have nothing but glowing reports for the designers and contractors who worked on their home. ‘Wrightson Stewart and our builder, Lachlan were both fantastic’ Andrew enthuses. ‘The designers normally deal with much grander projects than ours, but took this on as a challenge to deliver something interesting and beautiful within our modest budget. The house delivers this in spades. We can’t believe how beautiful it is and that it is ours.’

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