Sly Homewares

Whilst we’re all for team-spirit and collaboration around here… there’s something especially impressive about a one-woman show.

Lauren Finks started Sly, her homewares brand, back in 2013 while working full-time as a graphic designer. What started as an after-hours side-project has now expanded to a thriving small business!

Sally Tabart

The Harlan side table in Coal. Photo – courtesy of Sly.

The Marlow tray in Blush. Photo – courtesy of Sly.

The Harlan side table can be used indoors and outdoors. Photo – courtesy of Sly.

A selection of the Nomad cushions in Rose, Blush, Sand and Feather. Photo – courtesy of Sly.

Nomad cushions in Cobalt, Feather, Sage, Forest. Photo – courtesy of Sly.

Lauren Fink, the founder and designer at Sly Homewares. Photo – courtesy of Sly.

The Elwyn Square cushion in Cobalt, Sage and Forest. Photo – courtesy of Sly.

Sally Tabart
3rd of November 2017

Designing and creating after hours, the name for Lauren Finks’ homewares label was inspired by working on the ‘Sly’. ‘I worked as a graphic designer for six years before Sly came about,’ Lauren tells us, ‘I was working full time for the first three years creating Sly behind the scenes.’ What started as printed textiles now encompasses a broad range of products that includes textiles, homewares, candles and natural hand and body soaps.

While Sly has allowed Lauren to realise her vision, the reality of owning and operating her own business is not without its tough moments. ‘It’s visual problem solving, as well as designing within constraints and budgets,’ she says, ‘creating collections one after another does add pressure when you’re a one-woman-show!’

Sly’s most recent collection, ‘Sahara’, was initially inspired by an *Instagram moment* – Lauren was scrolling through her feed and came across a colour palette that sparked an idea for the whole range. How did we ever get anything done without the internet?!

Lauren’s latest collection, ‘Sahara’, is available now from the Sly Homewares website

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