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It’s no secret we’re huge fans of NSW-based painter Belynda Henry, and have been lucky to host two sell-out exhibitions with Belynda in our own gallery in Melbourne in recent years!

This week, Belynda is back in Melbourne with a brilliant new exhibition, opening at Flinders Lane Gallery tomorrow.

Lucy Feagins

Artworks from Belynda Henry‘s forthcoming exhibition ‘Wanderer‘ on at Flinders Lane Gallery from  September 19th to October 14th. From left to right: ‘In The Silence’ and ‘Pink Cloud’. Photo – Chloe Heuchan.


‘Where you Begin and I End’, ‘Wildfire’ and ‘View from the Top’. Photo – Chloe Heuchan.

‘Crossover’. Photo – Chloe Heuchan.

Lucy Feagins
18th of September 2017

Based about an hour-and-a-half from Sydney in the Dooralong Valley, Belynda Henry’s greatest source of inspiration over the past few years has been her surroundings. The artist’s latest exhibition, though, offers a slightly new focus. Rather than literally depicting her surroundings, these layered, painterly works reflect on memories and past experiences, inspired by the artists’ travels, and landscapes she has visited.

‘Earlier this year, travelling to Canada made me realise that landscape is very universal,’ the artist explains. ‘The beauty that I search for in the landscape is always there, no matter how far away from home you are’.

A four-time finalist in the prestigious Wynne Landscape Prize, and last year, a finalist in the Archibald Prize, Belynda’s painting practice has gained huge momentum in recent years. However, it’s been more than a year since her last solo show, and she has relished having more time to develop this body of work. The resulting works are larger in scale, and more detailed than ever before. ‘I think this show has seen a shift, and I love moving forward with every show, not just painting what I already know,’ Belynda says.

Next up for Belynda, a trip to Japan with her family, and in 2018, a big exhibition with a gallery in Sydney! She is also in for a big year personally, with plans to sell her family home of 17 years, and build a new home and studio with her family. ‘It’s always exciting here and something wonderful happens most days, which I am very grateful for,’ the artist concludes. ‘I feel like I am living my dream.’

Wanderer‘ by Belynda Henry
September 19th to October 14th
Flinders Lane Gallery
137 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

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