Jordan Kerwick · 4th Time Around

This afternoon we preview a new exhibition of paintings from artist Jordan Kerwick, opening tonight at Lindberg Galleries in Melbourne.

The modest Melbourne-based artist introduces his innovative approach, and reflects on his humble ‘give-it-a-crack’ beginnings, as well as the impact of Instagram.

Elle Murrell
Elle Murrell
6th of July 2017

‘The degrees I started have little to nothing to do with the arts, though, in a bizarre way, they linked to me finding art’ tells former Sports Management, Business and Finance student Jordan Kerwick. During his studying days, Jordy’s creative outlet was buying vintage, limited edition gig posters. After meeting his now-wife, that collecting took a more painterly turn. ‘She was kind enough to inform me that they simply didn’t cut the mustard in comparison to the texture and brush strokes of painted works,’ he tells.

With Rachel’s encouragement, Jordy began buying original Australian art, as well as reading about masters like Matisse and Frankenthaler. One day, he decided he’d ‘give it a crack’ himself. Today, the painter is working with galleries internationally, and has exhibitions in Paris, Copenhagen and New York coming up over the next 12 months.

The 34-year-old attributes part of his success to social media. ‘Instagram has proven to be a brilliant tool for networking and exposing your work ­– I feel slightly indebted to good ol’ Insta,’ tells Jordy, who was an avid follower of artists like Rhys Lee, Justin Williams and Heidi Yardley, before he found prominence through his own art-focused account. ‘Seeing what they were able to create spurned me on, and terrified me at the same time!’

Jordy’s latest body of work, ‘4th Time Around’, opens tonight at Lindberg Galleries in Melbourne. The 16 artworks in the show are stripped-back reiterations of his accidental-trademark: still lifes, as well as abstract forms, inspired by recent trips to California and New Mexico. His self-described ‘best to date’, the show shares its name with the emblematic Bob Dylan song, which Jordy explains is part of a soundtrack to so many experiences in his life.

Balancing full-time work, family and art is a challenge. Jordy finds time to paint at night, after his sons are fast asleep. He has a studio at the back of their home, but often settles for the kitchen table. ‘Without Rach’s support, encouragement, requested and (non-requested) feedback, I wouldn’t be able to work and paint,’ he explains. ‘It can get a bit hectic, but I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given, so, I’m happy to work late!’

4th Time Around‘ by Jordan Kerwick
July 6th to 22nd
Lindberg Galleries
77 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, Melbourne.

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