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Yes that’s right, it’s another mid century home (sorry, not sorry). There is truly no limit to our affection for homes of this era, even the most humble or dilapidated of 50’s and 60’s abodes sets our hearts aflutter! There was such boldness and rigour in the way these homes were designed and built, we can’t help but shine our little spotlight their way at every opportunity!

TODAY we have another beauty to share – this lovingly renovated bayside home belongs to Andrew Went (who works in manufacturing), who worked closely with local interior designer Jasmine McClelland to restore its former glory.

Lucy Feagins

The  kitchen and dinning area of Andrew Went’s East Hampton home remain exactly the same as in its original design. Andrew and Jasmine paid homage to the architect’s original vision by sourcing and laying vinyl flooring from Karndean in shades of charcoal. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

Unfortunately Andrew couldn’t keep the original overhanging cabinets, but didn’t want to lose the kitchens charming appeal so re-created them, as well as the wood panelling of the return bench. Mid-century chairs were replicated to suit the original table by Quasi Design. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

The splashback created a challenge for interior designer Jasmine McClellan and Andrew, as they did not want to distract from the overhanging cabinet.  They eventually found a mosaic Perini wall tile that adds warmth and changes with the shifting light of the day. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

Andrew picked up this water jug set from a second hand store because it reminds him of my grandmother. ‘And, like my grandmother’s, it’s mainly used for cocktails,’ he mentions! Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

The original coat cupboard was transformed into an open space for a bar and cabinetry for the dining area. ‘Now when you open the front door you can see right through the space to the garden,’ explains Andrew. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

Andrew’s Featherston TV chair is from Smith Street Bazaar, and still has its original fabric. ‘It desperately needs reupholstering but I can’t bring myself to do it,’ he tells. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

The Angelucci sofa was made extra-long so Andrew could lay back and relax though, unfortunately, his Jack Russells, Rodney and Murray,  rarely make room! Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

The Jakob Rudowski desk form Smith Street Bazaar was a real find, according to Andrew. ‘It’s was a bespoke piece from the early 1960’s,  I love the simplicity of the design and it has beautiful detailing,’ he says. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

White pebbles and the original front fence panelling were recreated with new gates to maintain the classic retro feel of the entrance. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

‘We had a lot of fun picking this out!’ says Andrew of the wallpaper. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

The master bedroom features wallpaper from Flashback Fabrics. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

He admits creating the walk-in-robe was pure self-indulgence, and that he probably spends too much time in here! (Storage goals; ultra envious!). Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

Jasmine created an inspired, functional space with a luxury finish. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

The bathroom was also about creating a functional space, and one that was relaxing space with a masculine aesthetic. The layered colours of Subway tiles are from Academy Tiles. ‘Even though everyone warned me about the black tiles, I love them and the soaker bath was a must!’ says Andrew. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

Lucy Feagins
3rd of May 2017

Andrew Went bought this charming brick 1960’s house in Hampton East in August 2013. Keen to retain its nostalgic charm, he engaged local interior designer Jasmine McClelland to oversee a thoughtful renovation. Eventually, after 18 months of refurbishment and landscaping, Andrew moved in in late 2014, with his two beloved Jack Russells, Rodney and Murray.

‘Renovating turned out to be a lot tougher than I had thought’ recalls Andrew. The challenge was to honour the original design, whilst also bringing the home into the 21st century. ‘I thought I was pretty good with design and I had a vision of what I wanted the house to be, but 3 months into the project I realised I was out of my depth and needed help. Jasmine McClelland was recommended to me, and I made a rather desperate call!’

Jasmine and Andrew hit it off immediately, and worked collaboratively to update the home.  The kitchen, bathroom and laundry were sensitively reworked, whilst parquetry flooring was restored to as-new condition. Some ceilings were replaced, and beautiful custom cabinetry was installed (the bedroom robes are so perfectly mid-century in style, at first glance they appear original!).

This house had only one owner before Andrew snapped it up four years ago. Herbie, (as he was affectionately known to his neighbours) was a humble man who worked for the railroads. He had bought the land in 1958, and boldly commissioned architects Clarke Hopkins Clarke to build him a modern home. It was completed in 1962.

Before buying the property, Andrew had the great fortune of meeting Herbie’s stepdaughter, Louise, who passed on a set of the original architectural drawings, landscaping drawings including plant listing, original tile samples and paint colour charts! Amongst these treasures were colour slides taken in the 60s – an invaluable resource Jasmine and Andrew referred to closely when updating the property.

Andrew is still in contact with Herbie’s stepdaughter. ‘Louise was one of the first people I invited over to see the finished house, as it was important to me that I had her approval’ he explains. ‘Fortunately she loved it. And believe it or not, she subscribes to Design Files so she is rather excited.’ HA! Well thankyou Louise, we hope Herbie would be chuffed too!

There are a lot of things to love about this house. For Andrew, the most endearing features are those that remain unchanged – the parquetry flooring, the wood panelling, 1960’s light fittings and the overhanging kitchen cabinetry. ‘After living in this house for a few years now, I have come to really appreciate just how well designed it really is’ Andrew says.

Andrew Went pictured relaxing int he courtyard of his mid-century home in Hampton East. Photo – Shania Shegedyn.

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