A Life Individual

A Life Individual · Terry Wu

Today we share the third instalment of A Life Individual, our video series created in partnership with Space. This series documents a diverse cross section of creative Australian homes, and the inspiring people who occupy them.

Today, we introduce the colourful, art-filled home of surgeon and art lover Terry Wu and his family.

This film series has been created in collaboration with SIRAP.

Lucy Feagins
In partnership with SPACE
Lucy Feagins
27th of April 2017

A Life Individual’ offers a rare peek into the homes of a diverse group of Space clients and their families.

Today, we meet surgeon and art lover Terry Wu. Terry is passionate about Australian art. This infectious passion is reflected in his various contributions to Melbourne’s art community (he sits on the board of Heide Museum of Modern Art, and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image), and is evidenced in the seriously impressive art collection on display in his inner suburban home.

With a bold addition / extension designed by local architecture firm Multiplicity, incorporating a brave colour palette and meticulously crafted details, this truly unique home perfectly captures Terry’s vibrant creative spirit.

‘I feel a deep responsibility to nurture and support cultural endeavours, both for the community and for our children’s future.’ – Terry Wu

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